March 9, 2012

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

Dallin came home from mutual last night bearing gifts for Claire in the form of Glow Sticks. It was better than Christmas morning, let me tell ya! She played with them for the next 45 minutes until we pried them from her grasp before she went to bed. I will be making a trip down to the Dollar Tree to purchase some glow sticks for any future rainy days.

Not quite sure what's going on in this picture, but I thought it was funny!

March 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Sorry about the lack of posting and pictures lately. I haven't been able to use my Photoshop until just recently, so now we are back in the saddle! This is going to be a major picture dump post, so enjoy!


We had some snow in January (which melted and caused all the flooding that I posted about) and this was Claire's get up. Hat is compliments of Hillary, coat from Grandma Calaway and the boots were a Christmas gift that she never used once while we were in Washington :)

Claire's going through this "kitchen towel phase", where she has to constantly be taking the towel off the oven door where it hangs and deposit it somewhere in the apartment. One night she just would NOT let go of it at bedtime, so I let her sleep with it. The next morning, I found her still clinging to it. Funny girl!

Another phase- sticking objects in her mouth and walking around the house. I'm not sure why the Little People Farmer was the lucky guy, but he was the favorite for a while.

One morning before church I was getting Claire ready but didn't want to put her dress on until after I fed her lunch and so she was wandering around like this. I thought it was quite comical :)

She loves her daddy!

In January she learned how to give kisses and she decided to give kisses to that baby in the mirror. She's now starting to figure out that it's her in the mirror and will stand in front of it "preening" at various times during the day... I know, we've got a long road of girly-ness ahead of us!

After all the flooding in January we hadn't moved our DVD's back in their spot in the entertainment center, so Claire would climb in there and play with whatever junk happened to be there at the time.

This was the DVD they gave me as I left the hospital after having Claire. Can I just tell you that it is the WORST movie to ever show a brand new, post-partum mother?! It basically just tells you that your baby will be crying non stop for the next 2 months and not to shake them. What new mom, who is exhausted, wants to hear that her baby is going to be crying non stop for the next 2 months?! Ok, rant over.

Showing off her pretty dress up necklace

Out of all the Christmas gifts that Claire got, I think this is her favorite. Calvin and Jessica gave her a little dress up jewelry and she wears it all. the. time. She is 100% girl.

Giving Momma kisses!

I don't know why she didn't have a shirt on, but Dallin started scratching her back, and if you can't tell by the look in her eyes, she totally started spacing out. She loves getting her back scratched.


Dallin was the mastermind behind this particular get-up. She kept it on for quite a while, too!

The front view. I don't know why, but for some reason, I think she looks like a little ninja in this picture!

On our way home from a very brief trip to Pasco for Clayton's endowment in the Temple.

Don't judge. We had an empty 2-Liter bottle and she just kept playing with it, eventually using it as a pillow.

A photo I snapped of the Temple while we were home for Clayton's endowment.

We normally travel on the Washington side when we go to and from Pasco, crossing over at Biggs, but as we were going along, we were stopped at Paterson and told that a gas tanker had exploded like 40 miles ahead of us, so we had to turn around and go on the Oregon side instead. This was what we saw from across the river! Not the best pictures, sorry!

Normally, I don't get a Valentine's Day celebration because Dallin will be snowmobiling at Yellowstone with his Dad and brothers, but this year I didn't get one because he had a test to study for. So, this is me and Claire celebrating on Valentines Day, 2012!

Claire's aftermath from the Valentine celebrations.

Our Valentine grub. Pink snickerdoodles, popcorn and soda. I know, super healthy!

My parents came down for a BYU Basketball game one weekend in February and we decided to hike Silver Falls. It was pretty cold that day, but it was beautiful! This was the lower falls.

The group, minus me.

The whole group!

We got that carrier last year for Christmas from Dallin's parents and we really hadn't had any opportunities to use it until that hike. Dallin said it was awesome and we were so happy we had it!

Marker and Ash at the lower falls.

Some weird, orange mold (I'm guessing) that had accumulated in some stagnant water.

My mom and dad at Silver Falls

Mom and Dad at the lower Falls

Marcus and Ash at Silver Falls

Silver Falls


These last two pictures were actually just taken on Sunday. Claire loves ice cream and she knows her daddy will always give her a bite. :)

So, that has been life for us, in a nut shell! I promise I won't stay away so long, now that I have my beloved Photoshop again!