January 19, 2014

Valentine's Prints

I know it has kind of been forever since I last posted on here, but it seems I am never able to find a time to blog! I have a feeling once #3 gets here, you will see even less of me, but I will try to be better! This blog of mine has been a journal of sorts and I love to look back and see what was written and what memories I captured. So here's to being better at blogging/journaling in 2014!

I posted a picture on my instagram a few days ago of some Valentine's Day prints I had made up and have had a few requests to make them available, so here they are! I hope you enjoy them. I had so much fun making them. All I ask is that you do not sell them or claim them as your own work. Also, if you feel the urge, pin them or share them via social media! Just link back to my blog. Thank you, kindly! :)

To download, simply right click, save the file to your computer and then print them out at your favorite place! (I usually go through Costco for all my prints and make sure that "auto-correct" is NOT selected.) These are both 8x10's.