September 25, 2011

Inspired Words

I was so inspired by the amazing talks given at the Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday. It was a wonderful meeting and I left feeling uplifted and edified. After the meeting, I decided there were two things that specifically stood out from the meeting that I wanted to remember. I decided to get my Photoshop on, and this is what I came up with.

I really liked the way they all turned out. Now, I am no graphic designer or even all that talented when it comes to Photoshop, but if you like these prints, feel free to download and save the image and print it out for yourself! If you feel like sharing it, just link back to my blog. And please, this is my work, so do not sell these images to anyone. Enjoy!

[To download, simply click on the image, then right click and save. All four images are 8x10]

September 15, 2011

Just Call Me June...

June Cleaver that is. Really, the only thing different is the fact that I don't have really cute dresses to wear around the house all day while doing my various tasks! I wish I did, too. Those 1950-esque dresses are my favorite!

Anyway! I've been busy lately. Every day this week has had something big so far. Sunday was Stake Conference (don't know about my beliefs but would like to know more? Click here!) and we got a new Stake Presidency. We got there a little late, so we had to sit in the Primary room and my goodness, it was noisy. We could hardly hear a thing! But we're excited about the new presidency. They sound like wonderful men. We'll miss President Lathen, but at least he's in our ward, so we still get to see him every week!

After Stake conference, I made a huge batch of Chocolate Chip cookies because I knew I was going Visiting Teaching the next day and wanted to take all my sisters a treat. Unfortunately, we don't have air conditioning in our apartment and having the oven on that long was not fun, but I got them all baked. We now have way too many chocolate chip cookies on our hands. Anyone want some? Come on over! :)

Monday I went Visiting Teaching, which ended up being a half-the-day affair, but I really enjoyed it. One of our sisters that we teach had a ton of extra quart jars that she was getting rid of, so she gave me and Jennifer (my VT partner) all the jars. We were so excited because we wanted to start canning but I didn't have any jars and Jennifer had run out. Thank you Eva for all the jars, you are a saint!

Tuesday was the blessed canning day. I just did peaches but I am planning on doing pears sometime in the next couple of days. I got 18 quarts and none of the jars cracked! Whew! I would say it was a successful first attempt at canning. Dallin and I tried one of the jars last night and they turned out delicious. I think I am going to go buy more peaches because I have a feeling we're gonna go through them quick. As I started canning, I called my mom to make sure I was doing everything right and after hanging up with her, I noticed Claire was really quiet, so I looked over at her high chair where she was sitting and discovered she had fallen asleep! This was a first. I got a good laugh out of it :) Of course, I ran and got my phone and camera and snapped a few pictures. Poor little girl, I had no idea she was that tired!

My sleepy babe

All the peaches!

Yesterday I realized we were running low on bread, so I knew it was time to make more. For the past couple of years I haven't really bought bread. I got this amazing recipe via my awesome cousin Emily and I haven't looked back since! It's a little time consuming, but so worth it. Once that was done, I moved on to a project I have been meaning to tackle for quite a while- the lamp in Claire's room. It was a lamp that Dallin and I got when we were first married and we weren't using it out in the living room, so I gave it a little makeover! Remember it from this post? Well, here is the finished product!

I was inspired by this amazing lady and her cute party hats. I took mine in a bit of a different direction, but she was the inspiration! I love how the lamp turned out and Claire just kept staring at it before I put her down for bed last night, so she must love it too. :)

Oh, you remember the frames that I wasn't quite sure where to hang in Claire's room as well? They now have a home.

So, that's been my week so far! Chocolate chip cookies, visiting teaching, canning peaches, baking bread and making a new lamp for Claire. (You can throw laundry, cooking and cleaning in there too, if ya want) ;-) I just love productive weeks.

September 8, 2011

Ellensburg Fair and Rodeo 2011

We were able to sneak away to Ellensburg this holiday weekend and visit with Dallin's family. It was so much fun, really busy and I gained 80 lbs from all the fair food I consumed. Seriously people, that stuff is just dripping in grease. And it's delicious.

Bradley, Derek and Janelle were all showing steers and did very well. We're so proud of you guys! I, unfortunately, didn't get any pictures... *slap on the wrist for that one*

On Saturday night, we got to watch Extreme Bulls, which is pretty much the rodeo, but only bull riding. It's so fun to watch. This year did not disappoint, either. We were so lucky as to see a bull jump the fence into an area that led to the fairgrounds. I'm pretty sure it was all fenced in, so he couldn't get into the actual fairgrounds, but heck, if he jumped one fence, I'm sure he could jump another! They caught him before he could do any damage though, thank goodness. The crowd went nuts when it happened and it was an exciting couple of minutes. :)

On Monday afternoon, we got to go to the actual big Rodeo where they do the calf roping, wild cow milking, bull riding, wild bronc riding, etc. This event, I did get pictures of, yay! Claire had had enough before the Rodeo was over though, so Dallin and I took her out and just walked around the fair grounds, getting more delicious fair food that just increased my waistline. (I've been on a fruit and veggie detox this whole week, in hopes of reversing the damage. So far, so good. Only a pound gained. Whew!) :)

So, here are the pictures I captured from the weekend. Thank you Jeff and Valerie for the great weekend, we loved every second and we miss you already!

Our Rodeo Clown. He was from Walla Walla! His name was JJ (can't remember his last name) and he was so funny! He was crazy in shape too. He ran from one end of the arena to the other multiple times and he was fast! I think he is a new favorite.

For the life of me, I can't remember the name of this group, but they all carried in American Flags and they were from the west side of the state. It was a beautiful sight to see so many American flags. And then, before the National Anthem, the announcer of the Rodeo gave the most beautiful prayer. You could tell it was totally not scripted, because he just started into it and the whole crowd was kind of taken by surprise. But at the end of the prayer, he talked about the freedoms we enjoy and how praying in public is one of those freedoms. I got pretty choked up, it was a really neat experience. I am grateful for those who live what they believe and are not afraid to let others know what they believe.

These Indians came in and they had the most beautiful outfits! I just had to show you all their beautiful headdresses and blankets.

Grandpa's girl.


Valerie bought these hilarious Nacho Libre masks from a vendor at the fair and all the kids had to try em on. This is Bradley in the Green.

Derek in the Green/White, Janelle in the Nacho mask, and Bradley in the Green/Red. We were dying when they put them on, they looked awesome! I told Bradley that he and Savannah (his girlfriend) should be Nacho and Encarnacion for Halloween. That or Troy and Gabriella :)

Claire went to town on our Rodeo tickets. She loves chewing on anything that resembles paper or cardboard. I know. Awesome.

The One Arm Bandit performed during one of the breaks between events and he brought two buffalo with him. Those things are ENORMOUS.

Somehow, don't ask me how, he got them to get up on the top of his trailer. Here's the first one.

There's the second one.

And there he is in all his one arm glory! He really was amazing. He didn't hold on with his hand at all while he rode. Apparently he was working somewhere a few years back and was electrocuted really badly, which caused him to lose his hand. After that, he started performing as the One Arm Bandit and he's amazing on that horse. It was quite the sight to see him, his horse and those two buffalo on that trailer. Serious talent!