March 29, 2011


I think Spring has finally sprung. It's hard to tell since it's always (except in the summer) green here. But the blossoms are out in abundance and there are daffodils EVERYWHERE! They grow like weeds down here.

So, in honor of spring, I have been doing some deep spring cleaning. I love cleaning. Seriously. I get in a groove and I can clean til the cows come home. I was cleaning the bathroom today and I was using my beloved Clorox Clean Up when I realized, "I love the smell of this stuff. That might be bad..." So I shared my concerns with Dallin. His reply? "Just don't drink it or anything and I think you'll be okay." Right. Thanks hon. I was laughing so hard when that was the advice I got. We have fun. :)

I have been taking a photography class from the awesome Jenne over at JK Photography and I have been learning SOOO much! I am starting to venture out and shoot in Manual and my pictures are actually turning out! It's so much fun!

Here's a picture of the Capitol Building that I took the other night. I love that I can take good pictures at night now!

For the Grandma's and all other interested parties, here are some updated pictures and videos of the little munchkin. She's getting so big!! I can't believe it. She's my favorite. :)

She joined us in bed the other morning. Isn't that the sweetest face you ever saw??

I made that flower that she is wearing in her hair. Isn't it adorable?

Sorry this one is so grainy. It was an experimental picture for one of my assignments with Jenne.

This is one of the dresses Valerie gave Claire. It is my absolute FAVORITE dress of all time.

Here it is again :)

Dallin took this one of us the other day and I thought it was hilarious. I love her face!

It was Dallin's 27th Birthday yesterday. In honor of the life he's lived, we went to Cheesecake Factory and we still have two, half eaten pieces of cheesecake in the fridge. (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, for those of you needing something to drool over!) That whole no sugar for a month thing will start... tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow. :)

Here are 27 things Claire and I love about our favorite guy:
1. (Claire) He plays with me.
2. (Me) He makes me laugh.
3. (Claire) He makes me laugh too!
4. (Me) He's super handsome :)
5. (Claire) He rocks me to sleep in the recliner.
6. (Me) He's one of the hardest workers I know.
7. (Claire) He helps Mommy by feeding me and giving me baths if she's busy.
8. (Me) He helps out with Claire all the time and I appreciate it so much.
9. (Claire) He takes pictures of me and shoots videos of me.
10. (Me) He always compliments me on my cooking.
11. (Claire) He picks out really cute outfits for me.
12. (Me) We can talk about anything and everything from the most significant to the most insignificant.
13. (Me) He always supports me in everything that I do.
14. (Me) He always notices (and appreciates) when I clean the house, do the laundry, etc.
15. (Me) He'll take me on long drives so we can just get away from life for a few hours.
16. (Me) (Claire ran out of things to say. :)) He serenades me with his guitar. It makes me swoon. :)
17. His smile still makes me weak in the knees.
18. His kiss still makes me weak in the knees. :)
19. He's got really big arms... I like em. :)
20. We love the same foods and love to eat healthy.
21. We're both clean freaks.
22. We both love to exercise.
23. When it comes down to it, he'll do just as much work around the house as he will away from the house.
24. He's so good with Claire. He loves to play with her and feed and entertain her.
25. He's got such a strong testimony of the Gospel and he lives it.
26. He lives by integrity and never compromises it.
27. He's a super smarty pants! :)

Whew! 27 wonderful things that we love about Dallin. He's so wonderful and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He's the best!!

March 15, 2011

5 Months

Holy smokes. 5 months, people. My baby is 5 months old. I cannot believe it. And I am totally late in posting this, as she was 5 months on the 9th and it's now the 15th. . . If I don't hurry up, I will just have to combine my 5 and 6 month posts!

So here are some new achievements the little lady has been amazing us with the past few weeks. We're pretty stinking impressed, lemme tell ya!

She's rollin' people! On a regular basis! Back to front and front to back. She's a strong one, ladies and gents.

She talks all the time now. Just blabbers on and on and has the biggest stories to tell. She even moves her tongue like she really is trying to say something. It's so cute.

Along those same lines, she rarely cries anymore. Instead of crying, she yells. It's super funny. She'll just yell and yell until we figure out what it is she needs and then she's good!

She's eating solids! And she loves em! She gulps down cereal and fruits like it's no big deal. We're not nursing anymore, either. Just bottles and now cereal in the morning and at night. She's such a big girl now. :)

Her fingers are ALWAYS in her mouth. Seriously, she LOVES chewin on her fingers. She rarely wants/needs a paci. Fingers will do!

She loves to grab her toes and is constantly trying to stick them in her mouth. She's a flexible one, that girl.

She's starting to become a momma's girl. (gulp) I am afraid that she is starting to prefer me, although she will still smile at strangers. Just in the last few days though, she has started watching me wherever I am and making sure she can always see me. I fear the "clingy stage" is right around the corner.

Her hair is growing back! Yay! Slowly, but surely. Here's the insane thing though- It's coming in Blonde. Yeah. I know. Go figure. Two dark haired people with a blondie. It's dark blonde though, so she's still more dark than she is light. And she kind of has a "skullet" going on right now. I really don't wanna give her a haircut yet because she doesn't have that much hair, but I am contemplating it. Oh, and ever since she was born, the right side of her head has had longer, thicker hair than the left side. It wasn't as noticeable when she had so much hair, but now that she is more on the bald side, you can totally notice the difference. It's kind of funny. I'm contemplating cutting that too. . . we shall see what happens.

Anyway, I'll post a video of her rolling over tomorrow and I'll include some cute 5 month pictures as well! Until then, I have some projects in the works that I am going to share with you in the next week or so. Think pillows, cake plates, a laundry hamper and some rearranging of frames. It's sure to be good fun! :)