January 30, 2010

We're Going to see "Attle"!

I love Seattle. I always have. It could be positive memories associated with visiting my Grandma Henry when I was little. Or maybe because when I was little I thought my Aunt and Uncles dog was named "Attle", so when they said we were going to Seattle, I thought they were saying, "we're going to see "Attle". Yes, I know, I wasn't too quick back then. In my defense, I was 4. Or, it could be all the state championship games we went and saw with Basketball, Football and Track. 'Cause let's face it, I am a member of the Henry Family Sports Junkie club. Or because it's just so beautiful over there. So green everywhere! And then the Sound with all the ships going in and out. Pike Place Market, the hustle and bustle of everyone going their own little which way. 5th Avenue Theatre. (WAIT! I know the reason I love Seattle. WICKED. There we go. I narrowed it down. :)) But really, I just love Seattle. For all those reasons. And shopping too. Let's not forget shopping.

So, if you have never been to Seattle, don't go there very often, or if you love it just as much as I do, then I really think you need to head on over here and enter yourself into her SWEET giveaway. 'Cause it is one awesome giveaway. I think it is just the thing for a Valentine's Day treat, or a birthday present, or just an excuse to get away for a weekend. Who doesn't love that? And while you are at it, PLEASE look at her photography. She is awesome! I love looking at photography and I think this gal has some serious talent. So, what are you waiting for! Jump on over there!!

January 28, 2010

Hey Megan. . .

. . . I didn't know you were a model! Or is that Rebecca? :)


January 25, 2010

I Love You Salemail, Oh Yes I Doooooo!!!

Have you guys heard of "Shop It To Me"? It's this nifty little sale guide that asks you what kind of brands you like and then scours the internet for you and sends you an email called "salemail" with all their sweet finds. And all their items are always on sale. Hence, "salemail". I've had it for about a month or so and the other day I was thinking, "There is never anything on here that fits in my clothing budget or that I even like. Why do I bother opening the email every week??" Well, today my friends, salemail just came through for me.

I saw a really cute pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans that I have been eying for a while, but usually, their on sale price is still well over $100. And, well, I don't spend that kind of money on jeans. I'm more of a $30 or less if I can help it kinda girl. So, I see these jeans, and they are on sale for $52.90!!! That is 70% off regular price people!! So, I get all excited only to think, "they'll never have my size." And then I look and see they only have size 29. (They go by waist size, not 2, 4, 6, etc.) I just happened to slip on a pair of ratty old 7 For All Mankind jeans this morning, (that I got for $50 back in Rexburg at DownEast) since they are a favorite. So, I checked the size. *Holding breath* They were a size. . . . 29!!!! I called Dallin, he gave me the ok, and I now have an amazing pair of 7 For All Mankind Jeans on their way to me. And they're bootcut, which are my favorite.

Oh Shop It To Me. I love you. If you want these awesome deals showing up in your inbox, just shout out your email address to me in the comments, or if you would rather not have your email public, just email me at ashleycalaway@gmail.com and I will send you a little invite. Really, it's quite the treat. Especially when you find your favorite jeans that are normally $178 for $52.90. YAA-HOO!!

January 19, 2010

Life with the Calaways Lately...

The past 5 days I have been playing mom to 5 children. I've done this before, on multiple occasions even! Same kids, same me, but suddenly harder. I don't know why it's harder. I've determined it really doesn't have anything to do with the kids, just with me. Patience is thinner, perhaps? Perhaps. Needless to say, Friday can't come soon enough. I'm not equipped to handle 5 kids for much longer!! :)

Dallin is in Ellensburg. I will be joining him Saturday, where we will FINALLY be able to settle. Somewhat. I feel like a vagabond right now. No real place to call my own. At least in Ellensburg we'll have a place that will feel like it's ours. Until Jeff and Valerie give us the boot. :) We've been doing this whole long distance relationship for a few weeks now. Needless to say, I am ready to be done. I like my husband, as mentioned in posts previous. So I'd rather be near than far. You feel me, right?

The sun is shining!! HALLELUJAH. I have been in need of some serious vitamin D lately. Yesterday and today have been a savior to my soul. I needed some yellow and blue in my life. Too much gray here lately.

I've started working out again and can I tell you how amazing I feel? Working out just makes life so much better. And I feel much more pretty, which is also good. :)

My car. Oh curse my car. It has been such a loyal little thing until recently. Christmas Eve, my window got smashed in due to my stupidity in leaving a jewelry box on the front seat. And my deductible on my insurance is such that it would have cost more to pay the deductible than to pay for the window myself. Darn you Progressive. Then, on a trip home from Ellensburg about a week ago, my car started acting really weird. RPM's all over the place, no response to my gas pedal. . . yeah, I was freakin out a little. Ok. A lot. A few tears were shed, then I took it in to the mechanic. Mass Airflow Sensors went ka-put. Darn you mass airflow sensors! Then my car started acting weird again. The next day. This time I had some cute little 4-letter words floating around my brain. (Scratch that, not so cute) The mechanics thought maybe it was my mass airflow sensors again. I had my doubts. Turns out I was right. It was a coil connecting to my spark plugs. So, the coil was bad and the spark plugs were bad. Tack on another cute little bill. Twice in one week! Darn you electrical coil and spark plugs! Since I have been nannying for the past 5 days, I haven't been driving Jorge, but she better be running well when I do start driving her again. (yes, it's a SHE and HER name is Jorge. Don't ask. I dunno why.) Anywho! She's been a little kick in the pants that Jorge. So, after taking her to the mechanic a 2nd time, we did what any rational couple would do. We went to Ford and test drove the new Ford Edge. And then drooled over the new 2010 Ford Taurus. What's that, you say? You haven't seen the new 2010 Ford Taurus? Do yourself a little favor and go here right now. And then drool with me. Cause it's pretty. Eye candy folks, eye candy.

So here I am, two kids eating toast, in my sweats, finally breathing again. Cause three are in school. Thank. Goodness. Now, if you will please excuse me, I have laundry, dishes, and kids to take care of. Oh and a shower will be worked in there somewhere. Hopefully.