June 10, 2014

Lucy's Blessing Day

I am really going to try and get back into this blogging thing, but I'm making no promises! :) Sorry I've been so MIA lately!

We blessed Lucy with her brand new cousin, Clyde (born 20 days after her, yet he is WAY bigger) on Saturday, May 31 in West Richland, WA. It was a beautiful day and there was so much family in attendance! When we pulled into the church parking lot, it looked like an entire ward was there. We felt so blessed to have so many people there supporting her big day. Here are the pictures from the day!

This was just about everyone who came to the blessing for me and Dallin. This isn't including Andrea's family that came to listen to Clyde's blessing as well! Like I said, it could have been a small ward.

Grandma and Grandpa Calaway with their two newest grand babies! (#5 and #6)

Grandma and Grandpa Henry with their newest grandbaby (#19!)

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Kent holding their newest great grandchildren. Fun fact: Grandma Kent's name is Eva Lucille, so I got a picture of my Lucy with her great grandma who shares her name!

Great Grandma Calaway. I just think she looks radiant in this picture. I love it!

Another fun fact: My brother Marcus and his wife, Ashley were taking pictures (well, we thought they were, they were actually taking video!) the same time as me with their camera and Marcus said, "on the count of three, everyone say, 'Ashley's pregnant!'" So everyone yelled it and then it dawned on us that they were making an announcement! We are beyond excited for them (this is their first!) and I wish I had the video, because then you could hear all the screaming and my annoyingly high pitched voice as I realized they were actually announcing that Ashley is indeed pregnant, ha! Such a fun announcement!

Our sweet Lucy in her blessing outfit

Our little family of 5. Still hard to believe that I am the momma to 3, but my goodness, I sure love them to pieces!