January 30, 2010

We're Going to see "Attle"!

I love Seattle. I always have. It could be positive memories associated with visiting my Grandma Henry when I was little. Or maybe because when I was little I thought my Aunt and Uncles dog was named "Attle", so when they said we were going to Seattle, I thought they were saying, "we're going to see "Attle". Yes, I know, I wasn't too quick back then. In my defense, I was 4. Or, it could be all the state championship games we went and saw with Basketball, Football and Track. 'Cause let's face it, I am a member of the Henry Family Sports Junkie club. Or because it's just so beautiful over there. So green everywhere! And then the Sound with all the ships going in and out. Pike Place Market, the hustle and bustle of everyone going their own little which way. 5th Avenue Theatre. (WAIT! I know the reason I love Seattle. WICKED. There we go. I narrowed it down. :)) But really, I just love Seattle. For all those reasons. And shopping too. Let's not forget shopping.

So, if you have never been to Seattle, don't go there very often, or if you love it just as much as I do, then I really think you need to head on over here and enter yourself into her SWEET giveaway. 'Cause it is one awesome giveaway. I think it is just the thing for a Valentine's Day treat, or a birthday present, or just an excuse to get away for a weekend. Who doesn't love that? And while you are at it, PLEASE look at her photography. She is awesome! I love looking at photography and I think this gal has some serious talent. So, what are you waiting for! Jump on over there!!

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Andrew and Jenna said...

Too funny... when I was little, my mom said something about Seattle, and I asked her who Attle was! So, you're not alone :) Shortly after that, I asked her what was bigger, Washington or Seattle. So I may have been just a bit slower than you!