March 9, 2010

I Know I'm a Little Biased, But. . .

First. Sorry I haven't blogged in about a year. I've been in the, "I'd rather read your blog than update mine" phase.

Second. My husband was the cutest kid ever. Yes, random, I know. But I was going through pictures today, trying to chronicle the first year and a half of mine and Dallin's time together, and I came across these gems.

This is Blaine and Dallin when they were living over in Japan. Check out the terry cloth flip flops and the chunky legs. I love it.

This is also when they were living in Japan. And check out the little "I'm so cute that I can get away with whatever I want and you won't be able to get mad at me" grin. Yeah, we see through it. :)

Seeing this picture makes me fear that I will have nothing but boys and they'll all be terribly mischievous, just like this little fella. :)

This picture was taken in April of 87 which means my mom was probably just finding out that she was having girl (me). Weird, huh?

And this is probably about the time that my mom was wishing her last pregnancy could be over. :) Looking at those two reminds me of Tara's two little guys, Luke and Mathew. They're always about the same size. :)

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to show off how cute my husband was when he was little. :) I still think he's pretty cute too.


Heather said...

Old pictures are the best. If you were to chronicle our lives Jeremy would be born before my parents even met... (and I'm the 3rd child). :)

Megan said...

Yes - you're biased ;) I didn't know those boys back then - funny to see how they've grown up. Luckily I was only 9-11 during those years so it was another 9 years before I even met the Calaway family! Now blog about what is going on in your life. How are things in E-burg?