March 26, 2010

I Finally Did It. . .

I watched New Moon. I know, I should have hopped on that bandwagon long ago, considering I have read the whole series 3 times through, but I couldn't bring myself to watch it. The first one was just painful. And so I figured the second one couldn't be much better. I had heard from a couple different sources, however, that the second movie was much better than the first, so I watched it tonight. And, they were right, it was definitely better than the first, but still kinda painful. Edward and Bella still made me cringe, Jacob wasn't the BEST actor, but he's way better than Edward, and the werewolves were pretty sweet. So, all in all, I enjoyed it. And I will forever mock Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. Sorry, but I can't help it. They're pathetic.

In other news, we got back from Florence, OR last night, which was a blast. We went four-wheeling and razor-ing (not a word, I know) in the dunes. Soo much fun. We only crashed once and rolled once. No big. I was in the razor for the crash, but not for the rolling. Thank goodness. Jeff bought a 4 person razor, which are so much fun, and Dallin and I played in Kerry and Bonnie's 2 person razor for the majority of the two days. We had a lot of fun climbing hills and catching sweet air. :) And we got to see the beautiful pacific ocean. I love the Oregon Coast. It's so beautiful. And we had amazing weather while we were there. We were happy. Needless to say, good times were had by all.

Blaine, Hillary and Colton have been here for the past week as well and joined us in the festivities at Florence. Colton started out the week by calling me "ash-ee" and has now decided he prefers "shod-ee". Not sure how that came about, but we all think it sounds like it could be a black girls name. It's pretty entertaining. We're so glad to have had them here with us, it's been so much fun. We'll miss them when they leave on Sunday.

Other than that, nothing too big happening around these parts. We were both down and out for a couple of (more like 3) weeks with nasty colds (love it) and I am FINALLY getting over mine. I feel like all I have been doing for the past 3 weeks is blowing my nose. I have probably wiped out an entire forest with the amount of tissue I have used. But we're on the mend! Hallelujah!

Haven't found housing in Oregon yet, but we're still on the lookout! If anyone knows of a sweet place for dirt cheap, lemme know! :) We're considering living in the place that Marcus and Ash live 'cause it's a nice little apt, in a good part of town and it's super cheap, but we're still looking. Hopefully we find one soon, 'cause we're due down there. And hopefully this little lady can find herself a job. Crossing our fingers.

So, that's life in a nutshell over the past couple of weeks. Hope everyone elses March has been less illness filled than ours :) Until the next post (which could be months from now. One never knows :))


Heather said...

I finally saw New Moon last night only because Jeremy went and rented it. MEH, my thoughts.

The OCTAGON rules!! Live there.

Jennilyn said...

Sound like you guys had a blast! Good luck finding somewhere to live. We will miss you guys living here this summer!