December 14, 2010

Little Chunk

We took Claire in today for her 2 month check up and shots (boo) and we found out that our little girl is chunkin up! We are so happy. Her little legs and arms have been getting rolls on them over the past couple weeks and we are really happy about it. :)

So, here are the stats on our little lady.

Height- 22 3/4 inches (85%)
Weight- 10 lbs 15 oz. (75%)
Head Cir.- 38.5 cm (60%)

Not only do we have a little chunker, but we have a LONG little chunker. She has the longest arms and legs I have ever seen. And a long torso for that matter. She is filling out 3 month clothing, but it's almost becoming too short on her. Go figure that Dallin, at 5' 10" and me at 5' 3", would have a long baby. I'm sure she'll slow down soon enough and be a little shorty though. :)

The last two nights, she slept 8 hours and 7.5 hours respectively. Yeah. I know. I think someone is growing. We're not complaining. At all. She also ate non stop two days ago. I'm serious. I would nurse her, then give her a bottle, and as soon as she was done with the bottle, she was rooting. And so I would nurse, and then she'd want more, so I'd give her a bottle, so on and so forth until she finally fell asleep in a milk drunk stupor. :) She keeps us busy, that's for sure!

Can I just tell you how much I hate shots?? (For me but especially for my baby.) I seriously had to fight back tears as she started crying. Dallin told me afterward that he almost walked out of the room. Please tell me we're not lame parents who are way too emotional about these kinds of things?? You should know we're kind of wimps though. We hate it when Claire cries. We instantly want to console her because we just want her happy. So we pick her up, rock her, sing to her, and she instantly stops crying and everyone is happy. And now she's spoiled. . . but that's beside the point.

She got 4 vaccines today. One was oral and then three were shots in the legs. Ouch. That needle looked vicious. I felt for her. She's been sleeping most of today but occasionally she'll wake up and just cry out. It's a new cry too. An "I'm hurting" cry. It just about breaks my heart every time I hear it. See? I'm a total wimp. Pathetic, I know. I swear I used to be tough. Having a baby made me way too emotional and wimpified. Yes, I just made up a new word.


On to happier things! Here are a few new pictures taken last night and today for your viewing pleasure.

Me and Claire last night.

I caught the tail end of a smile, and this is what I got. :)

The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was Jack Black in School of Rock when he sings, "And I am really ticked off!" I am pretty sure this was actually the beginning of a sneeze though. :)

Do you love the lace leggings? I think leggings and leg warmers on little babies are about the CUTEST thing ever.

Buttons and Bows

Today after her shots.

Her little headband is one that Tara gave me that Emiline used to wear. She actually wore it today without fussing. That's a rarity!


Melyssa Quigg said...

You most definately are not a wimp! Connor is 6 months old so we've had three rounds of vaccinations plus surgeries and leg bracing and casting and dislocating- you'd think I'd be use to it but I still cry every time! It just means you're a good mama!! Hope Claire gets feeling better soon!!!

Drew & Lindsey Christensen said...

I hate baby shots too! I cried the first couple times she had them. I still have to turn my head away.

Claire is such a doll!

Sierra LaPreil said...

Yea I Would get more upset than grace. You should ask the dr if they have this thing call the shot blocker its supposed to numb the pain os its not so bad, also giver her Tylenol for the pain. one of the best things about chunky babies is that the fatter they are the less the shots hurt by 6 mo she will hardly cry ;)

Jennilyn said...

Claire is such a cutie! You are gearing me up for what I have in store. You forget about all the shots the little ones get! I'm not looking forward to it!

tharker said...

I cry every time Eva gets her vaccinations. And she's my FOURTH! So, I'm going to say no, you're not a wimp. (or maybe it's just to make me feel better about my own wimpiness...either way, it works ;)

She is so cute! I am loving the sweet little double chin she is getting. Oh, chub on babies is so yummy!