February 13, 2012

My Funny Valentine

{December 2008 Pasco, WA}

{October 2011 Salem, OR}

{Even more in love today than we were 3 years ago}

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided I was going to share a few things about Dallin and I, because, hey! It's my blog and I can do things like this. And because hopefully one day, our kids will look back and they can read about their mom and dad and get all grossed out by their mushiness toward one another.

I stole the questions from this blog, which is a daily read for me. I love Mariel. She's awesome!

How did you meet?
Well, initially, we met in 2006, right after I graduated from high school. I was kind of (read: REALLY) immature and Dallin wasn't so much interested. I, however, was very interested. Nothing happened though and after a few more run-ins, we finally started talking on the phone (I was in Pasco, Dallin was in Rexburg) in March of 2008 and the rest is history!

{July 2008 Priest Lake, ID}

What did you do on your first date?
We went to Bento's Teryaki Grill in Richland with Allen Liebing, his date, Sandy and Blaine and Hillary, then went to Dairy Queen and then hot tubbing at Dallin's apartment complex. The next morning, I had to go to Selah for a church activity and I had to be there at like 7:00 am, and once Dallin found out about it, he asked if I wanted him to drive me there. I VERY eagerly obliged. Later, he told me that he was hoping to meet more girls at said activity... he was in the dog house for awhile after that. I have since forgiven him.

What's the best romantic getaway you have been on?
We haven't been on many, but I would have to say the best was Cameo Heights Mansion in Touchet, WA. Granted, that was where we went for our wedding night, but it is the most amazing Bed and Breakfast you will ever find. We really wish we would have just spent our whole honeymoon there. The food is to die for (the pastries... oh the pastries...) the rooms are gorgeous and the view is phenomenal. You should check it out... right now... click here and thank me later.

What would be the ultimate romantic getaway?
Puerto Rico! Well, actually, the British Virgin Islands. Dallin served his mission in Puerto Rico, but spent one portion on the BVI's. He would love to go back and I would just love to go, period.

{The view from Dallin's apartment when he was serving on Tortola, BVI}

What are your songs?
The first song we sang together was, "Quando, Quando, Quando" by Michael Buble. It's still my ringtone for Dallin when he calls me. The song we danced to at our wedding was "You & I" also by Michael Buble. Our current favorites right now are "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum and "Up" by Justin Bieber. Yes, Justin Bieber. I know. We're lame.

Quando, Quando, Quando
You & I
Just a Kiss

If you were to make a special dinner for him, what would you make?
Oh gosh, I dunno. He hasn't really expressed any favorites lately, he just likes whatever I make. Probably something like tri-tip and potatoes, salad, veggies... yeah. Something to that effect. He's a meat and potatoes kinda guy. And I'm a meat and potatoes kinda girl. We're compatible like that.

What was the coolest gift you ever bought for him?
I think that would have to be the gift I actually made for him, which was a mission scrapbook of sorts with pictures and letters from when he served his mission in Puerto Rico. He loved it and it was so fun to see the look on his face when he opened it.

What is your favorite gift that he bought for you?
The perfume I wear everyday. Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret. Absolute favorite around these parts!

Finish this sentence, "It makes me laugh when my husband..."
Imitates voices. He is a pro at imitating and it never ceases to make me laugh. He's starting to master Christopher Walken. Oh goodness. It's amazing.

{Just thought this was a funny picture of him :) May 2009 St. Augustine, FL}

What are some everyday ways you show love for each other?
Life has been kind of crazy lately with Dallin in school and being the Venture Scout leader in our ward and also with me being in the Primary presidency. I have realized that I have to make a conscious effort everyday to make sure he knows I love him. I wake up every morning and make Dallin breakfast and a lunch to take to school and then I drive him to school and pick him up everyday. We usually text each other during the day to see how the other is doing and we always end our conversations with, "I love you". They're simple things, but they make the difference!

{My 22nd Birthday, October 2009 Rexburg, ID}

What are some things you like to do together?
We're kind of boring... we love to watch movies together. Lame, right? But, we love it! We also love to go on drives (not as lame...) It is especially fun around here because it's so green and beautiful all the time. We haven't just gone on a drive in a while though, we need to do it more often. I have actually wanted to find more things for us to do together lately. I think we need a "couple hobby" :) One day we'll find one!

{Beautiful places in Oregon that we like to drive to!}

If you could give your husband anything, what would it be?
A snowmobile. Yeah, kind of a big ticket item, but he really loves sledding. Although, on second thought, if I got him the sled, he would probably be gone every weekend using it in the winter time, so let's nix that idea. Just kidding! But seriously...

What cologne do you love your husband to wear?
Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret. He wore it while we were dating and he still wears it now and I love it. He does throw other scents into the mix every now and again, but that's my all time favorite.

Finish this sentence, "My husband is especially attractive when..."
He's working. I guess I am a farm girl at heart because I love the combination of diesel, sweat, and whatever product he's working with (alfalfa, wheat straw, rye grass, etc.) There's nothing I love more than to see my husband hard at work because I know I will never want for anything. He is an amazing provider and there has never been a moment where I have thought that we were not secure financially.

{If you talked to Dallin about this picture (or Bradley) they would most likely tell you it was, "the stupidest day of their lives". But, it also shows just how hard he works! August 2009 Junction City, OR}

I love my marriage because...
It's fun. Yes, there are hard moments, no denying that. But, when all is said and done, we have fun together. He is my best friend, my other half, and as Dr. Suess put it, we have, "fallen into mutual weirdness and call it love". We're weird and we know it, but we love each other all the more for it. I wouldn't change a thing about him!

{I know, I know, this is a gem. But it perfectly showcases us and our "mutual weirdness". September 2008 Rexburg, ID}


The Strongs said...

What a fun post! We went to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands for Christmas it was amazing. I seriously could go back.... Tomorrow. :) i hope u get to go soon!!!
my husband bought me that exact perfume as well, and I absolutely love it too!!!

Jen said...

I love this post! How fun to get to know you guys a little better. And your kids will love reading about you some day.

k.jo.m said...

You two are so cute! I loved reading about your happy marriage! Love it!

JaNae Fay said...

Um, I love this. Can I steal it maybe? ;)

ray-ray says said...

love to see other couples in love.

BrockandLacey said...

Way cute! I remember some of these fun memories you have :) I'm probably going to steal this also but I'm not as good as you are about liking where I got stuff so just know that this is your credit for my post!