August 15, 2013

San Francisco Zoo

Last Saturday we went to the San Francisco Zoo with my cousin Jeannie, her husband Lee and their son, daughter-in-law and grandbaby. It was such a fun day! The weather was typical San Francisco weather for this time of year (foggy and hovering around 60 degrees with the occasional sunshine breaking through) and we all got sunburned! With the weather the way it was, I didn't even think to put sunscreen on me or the kids. Declan was covered the entire time, so he managed to dodge that proverbial bullet, but Claire got some nice pink on her nose and cheeks. Amazingly, this is her first sunburn ever. Thankfully it wasn't that bad!

Claire was in heaven practically the entire day. She loved all the animals, but went berserk when she saw the train that goes around a portion of the zoo. She is in love with trains and could hardly stand the fact that she had to wait in line to get on it. In fact, we almost had a meltdown as we almost made it on the train, but were stopped at the last minute. Thankfully, there were a few spots left and we made it on, otherwise we would have had the worlds greatest freakout, toddler style. She loved the train ride and wanted to go on another one as soon as we got off, but unfortunately, we only had enough free passes for one ride. I think her all time favorite animals were the monkeys (mo-kees) as she couldn't stop talking about them after we left! We bought a season pass, so we will definitely be going back again soon!

Thanks Jeannie, Lee, Grayson, Bree and Avery for sharing the day with us! It was a blast!

I had NO idea that anteaters were as big as they are! This thing was massive!

I wish I had a video of her jumping up and down as she saw the train coming, it was so cute! She and cousin Jeannie became best buds at the zoo!

They had a "kids zoo" where there were goats and donkeys, horses, geese, ducks, llamas, meerkats, prairie dogs, owls and a bunch of other things I can't remember right now. Claire loved the goats and I even got some food that they ate out of my hand. It felt so funny!

They had signs like these all over that you could take your picture underneath. Claire was a hair short though.

This little guy did not want to be stuck in his carseat, so as soon as we unbuckled him, he rolled over and stuck his head out. Silly kid!

Flamingos are so cool. They are a lot more orange than pink though, which kind of surprised me.

The baby Giraffe!

These poor kangaroos looked bored out of their minds!

Koala bear! She was tiny! I seriously wanted to take her home with us, she was so cute. Then I saw her massive claws and decided against it.

Lemurs. They are so loud! They would get in fights and you could hear it on the opposite side of the zoo! They were all like a bunch of brothers teasing and annoying each other. It was rather comical to watch. I also had "Move it, Move it" running through my head whenever I looked at them.

This guy was GORGEOUS. I don't know that the picture does him justice!

Penguins are also extremely loud. In case you were wondering.

Mama and baby tiger!

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