January 9, 2009

Our New House!

So here they are. The pictures of our new house! Well, we're just renting it for now, but we're making it our own the best we can! Before we get to the real pictures though, here's a classic newlywed picture. Eating McDonald's on everyday china. . . without a table. . . it doesn't make it any healthier either- in case you were wondering.

I am pretty sure this is Dallin's favorite part of the house. The entertainment center. He and his Dad built it for us. We painted it. I think it turned out awesome! Dallin did all the distressing on it. I am telling you, he is far more artistic than I am. You'll see even more evidence as you scroll down :)

This may be my favorite part of the house. Well, I have a lot of favorites right now. I think I am just excited that it's mine and I can do with it what I want :) We won't be keeping the massive picture of us up on that shelf, I promise. It's just resting there til we bite the bullet and get it custom framed. . . Thanks to all who gave me the cute signs! I LOVE them!

Ok, so this is another favorite. I love my bathroom choices. The sign- I was a little worried about when we first received it because it was blue and I couldn't think of anything in my house that would be blue. I forgot there was blue in my towels and so thankfully we get to use the sign because I love(d) it!

Here is the bathroom in full view. Small, but it works. Just the two of us!

Onto the bedroom. I was so wishy-washy with my bedroom because I kept jumping between two different styles; back-woodsyish and more modern/contemporaryish. I finally decided modern/contemporaryish was the way to go!

Kind of a lot of brown, but I tried to throw in some green. The light makes the pillows look kinda gold, but I promise, they're green! :) (Oh, and ignore all the wrinkles. . . . and the hideous green carpet. . .)

The kitchen is kinda hard to make cute. It's gettin there though, I promise. Once the table and chairs are totally finished, it'll be a lot easier :) Don't mind the dises in the sink either. Woops!

Here are the chairs we inherited from my mom and dad. A fresh coat of black paint makes em look pretty snazzy, eh? :)

And here is where I prove that my husband is FAR more artistic than I. Check out the legs on this table. Yup, that was all him. I was going to try and have a whack at em, but in the end we decided it was better for him to do it, considering he had the technique down and all. This little beauty used to grace the home of Rachel and Chad, but they so graciously donated it to the "Ashley and Dallin have no table and would like to have a surface to eat on" fund. We painted it black (are you sensing a black theme yet??) and turned it into a pretty dang cute table if I do say so myself!
It's still a work in progress. We're waiting for couches, a couple end tables and a coffee table. We should get them next week sometime. More pictures to follow! And, we also have another bedroom in the house, but that will not be pictured. It consists of boxes, rubbermaids, boxes, rubbermaids, boxes and boxes! It's our storage room and we are very grateful for it. Wedding pictures should be up by Sunday, we're going to the photographers tomorrow! Can't wait!!


Dandee said...

Happy House!

It's a wonderful thing to have a handy husband. You'll appreciate it everyday of your marriage.

Your place looks great! I love how much "decor" you received at your bridal shower. Makes decorating on a budet that much easier.

PRP said...

It looks fantastic! I loved that stage of early marriage and setting up a home. So much fun. Enjoy every second~

Chase and Elise said...

Decorating is so much fun!! Oh and I love the green carpet :) It looks b-e-a-utiful! Im excited to see how your wedding pics turned out!

tharker said...

It looks great Ashley! I love the table and chairs! Our first table was...a green card table. Awesome huh?

I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

Heather said...

You don't want to know where we got our first table. But if your curiosity gets the best of you I'll tell you.

I love your setup so far, can't wait to see future pics!

Rachel said...

Dallin, great job on the table and chairs. Maybe we will buy it back from you and give it to Sarah for a wedding gift someday. Your home looks great.

JenFielding said...

Way to go guys, everything looks great. Be careful with black furniture, it gets addicting. I started painting everything black in our house. Hopefully we can come up and visit, maybe when the second bedroom isn't a storage room anymore. :)

Em and Ms said...

Hey Ash! Congrats on the wedding and everything. Sounds like everything was wonderful. Your place is cute. It's fun to make it your own. By the way, if your husband is as handy as it looks, he could make a frame for your picture pretty easily. Matt learned how to make them and I love it! We get nice big frames for not much money.