February 19, 2009

I'm. In. Heaven.

Those were the words that entered my mind as I walked into this place. They had everything imaginable to make a house a home. And a very cute home at that. I think I may have been drooling as I looked at price tags as well. I bought these next five items for $19.40. Yes. You read right. $19.40!!! Seriously folks. If you haven't been to a real deals ever in your life, then find the nearest one and get there as quick as you can. You might just fall in love. The ideal place for a poor college student who wants a cute house. Or anyone who wants cute things for cheap. :)

Eggs- $3.15

Home Sign- $6.99

Vase- $4.02
Berries- $2.14

Star- $1.99

Like I said. A. Ma. Zing.

So, remember when we first moved in and this is what our shelves looked like?

The picture was not going to have a permanent home there. So, we finally took it to get framed and replaced the vacant spot with the lovely ducks from Korea.

Needless to say, we love the ducks, but they didn't go with our decor so much. . .

So now, we finally have our winner, thanks to Real Deals! Whaddaya think??

Personally? I love it. And the fact that it cost me less than $10 for those three items makes it even better.

Oh, and our picture that we took to get framed? Here it is. We love it too. :)

(A little close-up of the frame so you can get the full effect :))

Needless to say, today has been a great day.


Dandee said...

Your place looks great, Ash!

Chase and Elise said...

You just got me soooo excited, I went to the website and guess what!! They have a location in Kennewick!! Yay! Now I have a goal for tomorrow :) Thanks Ash!

Heather said...

what?? I need to get there and fast... can you pick me up Elise??

Crystal said...

i feel like an idiot...i keep checking your old blog waiting for you to update and nothing. But i found ya again so no worries :) Super cute house by the way. If im ever up in Idaho then im comin to see it!!

Dallin & Ashley said...

Thank you everyone! And just a little side note- Real Deals is only open two times a week. Usually Thursday/Saturday it seems. Just FYI.

tharker said...

I love everything you found! And your framed picture...gorgeous!

I've only been to the one in Kennewick once and didn't have NEAR the luck that you had. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot ;)