February 26, 2009

Operation: Flat Tummy

For the most part, I am totally content with my body shape, but there are just a few little nit-picky things that I am very dissatisfied with these days.

Problem: My stomach and lack of a waist, my non-existent calves and my arms. Ok, that just sounded like a lot. I swear I don't obsess over my body on a daily basis though. The weight that appears on the scale means nothing to me. It's how my clothes fit and how I look when I am checkin me out in a mirror :)

Solution: Sugar? No more. Breads? Little amounts. Late night snacking? No more. Adequate sleep? Gonna start gettin that. Exercise? Oh yeah. Like, kick my butt exercise. P90-X. Ever heard of it? You'll hate it. And love it when you start seeing the results. Seriously.

So, there we go. Here's to healthier, happier, more fit, me. I'm so excited about this! Can't wait for my new body to emerge!

Just a side note: I love my body. I am grateful for the health I have been given and for the ability to work out and be fit and active. I just want to show Heavenly Father how grateful I am by making my body the best it can be. Do I feel like it's pretty good right now? Oh yeah. But, who doesn't want to improve? Honestly. Oh, and I want to make my husbands jaw drop too. :) Who doesn't want to do that?? :)


tharker said...

I could do better in all these areas too. Sugar? Could do without it. Late night snacks? Yep, that's a problem too. Not enough sleep? Definitely not enough. Bread???? My utter destruction and downfall....I love it!

I know you look great already, but here's to you feeling your best!!!

Tara Cobia said...

Ash, you're awesome. Let me know if you discover any secrets to staying away from the sugar. My own chocolate chip cookies are my downfall, and late night bowls of ice cream, or cereal. I have started exercising and i can verify that that does in fact make a difference. And especially when you write down the workout you expect from yourself. If you need a good one, for some calisthetics (sp?) anyway, I've got a great one that came with my running shoes from nike. It's for 12 days and then some running too. Call me and I can give it to you :)

Lisa said...

First of all.....you look amazing already! But, I understand the desire to want to treat your body the best you can (I need to kick it into gear when it comes to that!)

Second of all.....thank you for the lovely comment that you left on my blog. It made my day!