April 28, 2010

The Lovely Lisa

Hello my friends. Have I ever told you about my amazing (with a capital "A") cousin, Lisa? Let me do so, now.

There are few people I have met in my life that have an incredibly positive attitude all the time, but she is one of those few. She's got a beautiful family of three little girls, the youngest of whom has had very serious medical problems. But Lisa, the fabulous lady that she is, doesn't see these problems as such, but as a challenge. A Personal challenge. And she researches and problem solves and ALWAYS, like I mentioned above, has a positive attitude. And she loves her girls and her husband more than anything. It's plain to see. Everyday that I read her amazing blog, I am just blown away by her faith, her happiness and her love. I aspire to be as amazing as she. (And she ROCKS at the violin! As a recent lover of violinists, since my husband is one, as is his whole family, I just love to hear her play. Which she did so, at Dallin and my reception in Dec 2008.)

Another amazing cousin of mine, Marilyn, nominated Lisa for a Mother's Day Makeover over at Make You Over. Not that Lisa NEEDS a makeover, but for being so amazing as she is, she certainly DESERVES one. So, head on over there and vote for her! Trust me, she is more than deserving of this wonderful opportunity.

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