June 26, 2010

I Stink at This Game. . .

So, I haven't really updated or posted many pictures of the goings on of our lives for the past little while and I realized, I really stink at this whole updating game. All I talk about is pregnancy lately, or so it seems, and I am sure you're all getting tired of it. :) So, without further ado, here are some pictures and updates from the Calaway family.

This is from Blaine and Hillary's trip to see us back in March. Yes, March. I know, I know, I told you I stunk at this picture/update game! Dallin kept teasing Colton and he just looked too cute to not put this up.

As we were unpacking our stuff in Salem in April, I turned around and found my husband like this. He never ceases to make me laugh. He's kind of a goofball, wouldn't you say? :)

I took this when we came home for a visit sometime in April. I thought it was so cute of all the girls with their cute happy faces.

Another visit home in April or May. Dallin was wrestling with Tara's boys and they were in heaven. Lots of giggling and yelling going on. :)

Same visit, Emi playing with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Do you not love the look on Harrison's face in this picture? He is totally too cool for school. And I love his popped collar. Staci says he wears it like that all the time. Too funny. This was taken at Nate and Staci's on the day of Savannah's blessing.

How cute are these three? I told Emiline to smile and this is what she gave me. More of a grimace. . . oh well, we tried! :) Also taken on Savannah's blessing day.

All the kids being silly for the camera on Savannah's blessing day.

Then they decided they needed to try a pyramid. :)

Proud Grandma with her newest grandbaby. Number 13!

All the kids minus Savannah.

Emiline, just chillin as the kids are selling Cherries the other day. Loving her squints look.

All the cherry selling kids!

We told Emiline she couldn't get in the pool without a life jacket. She took the news well.

Just chattin poolside at Rachel and Chad's the other night.

Anyhow, that has been the gist of the goings on of our lives right now. I'm always behind the camera and Dallin is usually working. Poor kid, he's been going 90 miles an hour lately! And I appreciate him doing it so much. Life is so good right now and we feel incredibly blessed to be where we are with so much family around.

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