June 2, 2010

What Did I Just Get Myself Into?

Calling all experienced Girls Camp Leaders. . .

I just volunteered to be a 3rd year leader at the Girls Camp here in the Salem Stake. I'm a little nervous as my experience at camp has only been that of a camper. I'm feeling slightly inadequate and VERY inexperienced. Any advice, tips or tricks you have used in the past, please feel free to share. I need help people. Lots of it! I am super excited and even more nervous.

What did I just get myself into?!


Rachel said...

Hey! Not that I am by any means an experienced camp counselor- but I did volunteer for a camp last summer, and some things that could come in handy are:
-a whistle
-bandanas for the girls
-cute stationary or notecards (side note:remember that pad of construction paper you gave me for a birthday once? Loved it)
-candy or small snacks (if it's allowed)
-cute plastic tableclothes ($1 at walmart!)

I know the point isn't to spend a lot of money, and to do it as cheaply as possible...but sometimes it's good to go prepared. Oriental Trading company has tons of cute things, and of course, the dollar store is always a good place to hit up.

Good luck! You'll be great!

Rachel said...

Oh, and there are a lot of websites that have camp ghost stories and stories to tell around the campfire. Plus, ideas for skits. You might not use them, but you could print some out "just in case" as entertainment.

Megan said...

You're young and you're cool - when I went to camp (2x) as a leader I didn't go over the top with stuff (the director had already taken care of that) but I was just there for them. Tried to be there friend and dished out advice or told about experiences I had growing up. You'll do great. I'm surprised they are letting you go pregnant. I went pregnant (with Mia) but I was supposed to tell anyone since technically it wasn't allowed. I think church policy.

Jennilyn said...

Have you asked Valerie? She is the pro girls camp leader!

::Jessica:: said...

Haha Ashley I completely feel you! I'm a first year YCL this year and am feeling the same way as you... ahhh!

By the way, I finally met Connor Kent! :)

mommadub said...

I've done 3rd cert. for 3 years now. It's really not bad at all. Just find out what the stake provides and what you will need to bring like for the shelters and stuff. You'll do great! The girls will love you! -Don't we all!