July 14, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posting! The last two weeks have been filled with family, family and more family! It's been wonderful too. I have enjoyed every minute. Except yesterday. Yesterday brought a 24 hour stomach bug that left me on the couch for hours on end and calling my AMAZING niece, Sarah to come watch Claire for me. Seriously, all those years of watching her as a little girl are totally being paid off right now. Love that good Karma. :)

On Sunday, Dallin informed me that his Uncle Bret had had a heart attack the day previous. We were both very worried and concerned and he was kept in our thoughts and prayers. He had heart open heart surgery yesterday and, I am told, it went well.

What struck me about that whole situation though, was the response of Bret's 6 brothers (my father-in-law and his brothers). As soon as they all heard about the heart attack and the ensuing surgery, they dropped everything and either flew or drove down to Utah to be with him. All 6 of these men are heavily involved with agriculture, and if any of you are not aware, this is their BUSY season. This is the season where they are stressing about hay prices and the weather. This is the, "I'll stay up all night if I have to, to make sure it gets done" season. This is when they make it or break it. This is the season where it's extremely difficult to drop everything and leave for a few days. But that's what they did. All 6 of them. They went to be with their brother in his time of need. They stuck by him until the end of his surgery to show their love and support. What a testament to Bret of how much he is loved.

If any of you know the Calaway men, they may seem a little (read: VERY) intimidating, maybe a little rough and tough, but I'll let you in on a little secret: they're all softies (in the very best sense of the word!) Those men are some of the greatest examples of love for family, love for spouses, and love of the gospel. I feel so incredibly blessed to have married into such an amazing family. Thank you Jeff, Bret, Courtney, Eric, Kerry, Kip and Cameron for being role models for my husband, for being uncles and a father-in-law to me and for loving us both. You men are amazing. And thank you to Jane, their mother, for raising 7 incredible boys. You were and are an amazing mother. And to Val- Even though you are gone, you left a lasting love and legacy with your boys which they will not soon forget.

L-R: (top) Jeff, (bottom) Bret, Courtney, Eric

L-R: Top Row Courtney, Jeff, Bret, Eric
L-R: Bottom Row Jane, Kerry, Val, Kip

L-R: Top Row Courtney, Foreign Exchange Student? I think?, Jeff, Bret, Eric
L-R: Bottom Row Jane, Cameron, Kerry, Val, Kip

{Taken April 2009 at Grandpa Val Calaway's Funeral}
L-R: Eric, Cameron, Courtney, Jane, Jeff, Bret, Kerry, Kip


Lindsey Christensen said...

I have always LOVED Jane! She really is amazing, and I have been around that family enough to know they really are great men. I think that is so sweet and amazing that they all dropped everything to be with their brother. Family really is the best.

Megan said...

Your post made me tear up and reminds me again what great brothers Cameron has. And I think that boy you said was an exchange student was actually an Indian (native American) foster kid- they had a few live them over the years. Do you have that article Dallin wrote about Cameron in HS? It was really good about how he was a good example to him