July 1, 2011

And I Said, "What About Breakfast at Tiffany's?"

My sweet little cousin, Tiffy-Kay (my nickname for her) is getting married. Even though she's only 3 years younger than me, it seems weird to me. I guess, in my minds eye, we're still playing barbies and dressing up. And although I have yet to meet her cute fiance, John (aka Scooter) he sounds like a wonderful guy. Anyone to catch the eye of Tiff must be pretty amazing! Last night we had a bridal shower for her and it turned out beautifully! Staci, Kristen, Shannon, Rachel and Mom, you outdid yourselves yet again.

The theme was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and Tiffany's colors are Tiffany & Co. blue, white and silver. So, obviously, with a theme like that, and colors like that, it had to be fancy shmancy, which it was, to the nth degree. Lots of bling, lots of blue and lots of delicious, really healthy (read: fattening) food!

The Dessert Table

Tiffany's aunt, (my cousin) Kristen, made the gorgeous cupcakes. And trust me when I say, they tasted just as delicious as they looked. Heaven in my mouth.

"Girls in white dresses with blue satin... flowers..." These were the beautiful girls that met everyone at the door and then served the dinner.

Those cute blue satin flowers they are wearing were given to all the guests as favors. Me, my mom, Shannon, Staci and Rachel cranked those out one day. Lemme tell ya, there was a lot of burning, sewing, and assembling that day! :)

Because of the Tiffany & Co blue that we were using, we had to have a huge diamond, right??

The cute table that everyone saw as they walked in

Staci decorated the top of her piano with that cute jewelry tree and pearl necklaces. I loved it. She's amazing.

Their wedding announcement. I absolutely LOVE it.

The menu telling everyone what we would be eating

These sweet little girls sang "I love to see the Temple" for Tiff right before she opened her gifts. It was just about as close to heavenly Angels as you can get.

The favor boxes

Table Settings

Tiffany's aunt had the cutest idea for all of us to write down a piece of advice for her marriage, or a little love note for her. When she opened our gift to her, we would read off whatever advice we wanted to give her for her upcoming marriage. My advice was to always tell John how much she appreciated him and loved him, because it will inspire and encourage him to become even better. And pretty soon he'll get the hint and start telling her how amazing she is too. ;-)

Congratulations Tiffany, I am so excited for and proud of you! You will make a beautiful bride! And once again- Staci, Shannon, Rachel, Kristen and Mom- You guys are amazing! The food was delicious, the decorations were fabulous and you outdid yourselves once again.

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Chase and Elise said...

She's getting married! Wow, even though I'm not much older it kinda makes me feel old. :) that's exciting! And the shower looked beautiful!