October 26, 2012


I love this time of year. There is something about the season changing, the cooler weather, all the delicious scents that are filling the air and, among other things, my birthday, that make this time of year just awesome. I've been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the cooler weather so that I wasn't sweating every time I put on my boots and sweaters, and the forecast as of late has been very obliging. Needless to say, I am in a happy mood!

There has been lots of baking and nesting going on here in the Calaway household and I have to admit, I am starting to feel like January 7 can't come soon enough. I am so excited for the arrival of baby boy and, as my chiropractor so kindly pointed out today, I've popped out quite a bit in the last week or so. {Although I really like my Chiropractor, let me just throw this out there- never tell a pregnant woman that she's gotten a lot bigger since the last time you saw her. That fragile self esteem during pregnancy gets battered and bruised pretty easily. Needless to say, I'm over it and I feel just fine about myself... most of the time! ;-) }

Anyway, this is pretty much a picture dump post, because I know that those of you who still visit are mostly family who just want to see pictures of my cute nugget and not hear about my ramblings of pregnancy, chiropractors and boot/sweater combos. So here she is, in all her sweet 2 year old glory.

She'll hate me one day for this picture, but my goodness, it sure is funny!

She'll probably kill me for this one, too. Once again though, I caught her at the best moment.

Just wearing a super saggy diaper and boots!

Daddy gives the best horsey rides around!

We got some free ride vouchers from friends that moved away from Salem and decided to use a couple of the yesterday at the carousel! She refused to take a nap, so she was a little tired during the ride.

The leaves outside our complex. I LOVE these trees!

I'll be back with another post sometime in the next week or so with a 30 week belly shot, thoughts on turning 25 {I'll be 30 weeks the week I turn 25 on the 30th of October. Confused? Yep, me too!} and other misc. things! Until then, enjoy this yummy fall weather!


chenry said...

Am I a biased grandma or is she just the cutest little girl in all of SALEM!

Ann said...

Hi, I realize this is random but, my name is Ann Bradley, and I happened upon your blog in a google search. I am searching for Rexburg Temple prints and love the one that you posted on Oct. 3, 2009. Is there any chance that you know where you got the original photo? As I don't want to become a blog stalker, I wonder if you'd reply to my email: annbrad21 at gmail dot com. Thank you very much.