October 11, 2012

Claire Turns 2

If you can believe it, 2 years have come and gone and I am officially the mother of a toddler. I guess she has been a toddler for awhile, but for some reason, now that she's two, it feels more official. Silly, I know, but that's my brain for you!

We celebrated last weekend with Dallin's family, opened a couple gifts on her actual birthday and then will be spending this weekend with my family, so needless to say, Claire is getting spoiled rotten. :) She doesn't seem to notice, except that she has a couple new toys to play with some new outfits, and a new pajama sleeper with a "tee-tee" (translation: Kitty) on it. She is OBSESSED with cats. Takes after her mother on that one. I could not leave cats alone when I was a little girl.

Just a few things to mention about Claire at 2:

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Granola bars, French toast, Fish crackers, Graham crackers, Popcorn, Ice Cream, Pizza and Apple Juice.

Favorite Activities: Taking walks, chasing "tee-tee's" around our apartment complex, reading, hauling stuffed animals around, putting pennies in containers and transferring them to another container, singing, talking on Skype to family, "talking" on the phone, lining up her farm animals in a perfectly straight line... :) She is meticulous in some things, it's kind of funny.

Favorite Shows: Arthur, A Bugs Life and How to Train Your Dragon seem to be the favorites right now.

Whenever we say, "I love you" she responds with "too!" every time. It is so cute. She has become ok with the term, "night night" and doesn't really fight us on going to bed, but will lay in her bed sometimes for almost an hour just talking, singing and laughing. She has also started hoarding stuffed animals. :) There are probably 8-10 in her crib right now, which she refuses to take out. I didn't even know we owned that many stuffed animals, but they came out of the woodwork and now, here we are with a million, it seems!

She has been very attached to me, but just in the last week or so, she has started getting super excited to see Dallin and will even kind of "shun" me and just go to him. It's making both of us very happy, since she has been refusing to go to him for the last little while. She is still very much a momma's girl, but we're working on that. She likes nursery again (hallelujah!) and loves to play with other kids. Whenever we have the windows open in the apartment and she hears someone talking or shouting outside, she starts yelling to them, like she's having a conversation. And whenever she sees any kids she'll start yelling to them too. She's a people person. She also says "Bye" to anyone that looks like they're leaving. Literally, everyone. And it's not a quiet "bye" either. It's a super loud, everyone turns and looks kind of "bye". I just laugh and shake my head. :)

Her rainbow birthday cake! She apparently doesn't like cake, as she would not eat her piece on her first birthday or the piece that we gave her of this cake. She loves ice cream, though!


She LOVES shoes. I thought I had a problem, but she's even worse than I am. She cries if we try on a pair of shoes that she likes and don't end up buying them. Boots are her favorite, I am finding. (She is SO her mother's daughter!)

She still speaks mainly in her jibberish language that we fondly call "Claire-abic" but we occasionally catch one or two words that make sense. I am hoping that one day she just suddenly busts out in full sentences. She can count to 5 all by herself and then needs a little help with numbers 6-10 from us. She also knows the tune to the alphabet and is pretty good to get to "G" all by herself, and then we step in and help her the rest of the way. She is a bright little girl and is learning by leaps and bounds every day. It has been such a blessing to help teach her and see her grasp new concepts. I feel so blessed to be her mother. She's the sweetest little thing with a stubborn streak a mile wide. We're learning to work with it though and she really is very obedient. We love her sweet little spirit and can't wait to see what's in store for the next year!

All of these next pictures are from her actual Birthday day. I love her expressions, they are priceless!

She thought sitting on her wrapped presents was what she should do instead of open them!

Daddy's girl!

She put the block up to her eyes and said, "Where's Care? Deek-a-doo!" She is a funny child. :)

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Brower Family said...

So cute! She seems like such a fun little girl. I really wish we did live closer so I could get to know her better. It would be fun to see her and Kohen together. I can already tell that she is going to be a great big sister. She will probably want the baby in her bed with all her stuffed animals!