October 7, 2009

Ashley's 2009 (22nd Berfday) Wishlist

**Disclaimer: This is for my mother and husbands sakes. Just FYI. And in case you are really curious as to what I want for my 22nd Birthday. :)

The 30th day of October is rapidly approaching. And then I will be 22. Weird, isn't it? I remember when I turned 16. I thought that life was amazing. Couldn't get any better! I could DATE! Holy schmoley! And then, after my permit had finally been valid for 6 months, I could drive! (That wasn't until March though. . . I wasn't on the ball like I shoulda been.)

And then when I turned 18. Oh goodness. I got an awesome hot pink rose from a dear friend, and the freedom I had so dearly wished for. (Among other things) My curfew was finally midnight. (Yup, I didn't get it extended to 11:30 til I was 17. Sad, isn't it?) But I remember feeling so much more grown up. And at the same time, I felt like I was still a total kid. In my mind, I had thought 18 meant you were suddenly thrust into adulthood and you were mature and ready to take on the world. Oh, my dear friends, not so. I still don't feel like an adult who is ready to take on the world. Take on a new recipe? Sure! Take on a new school adventure with Dallin? Why not! But the world? It still scares the heebie-jeebies outta me!

Then 21. (You thought I was gonna say 20, huh? :)) My 21st birthday was spent mostly in the BYU-Idaho Library doing a research paper on the marriage and courtship culture of ancient Egypt for my religion class. SOOOO interesting! (I'm being totally serious when I say that) I loved that paper. The fact that I spend about 8 hours in the Library on my 21st birthday, I didn't love, but oh well. I spent it with the man I love and a subject I was very fond of, so it all worked out. And once again, I thought that 21 might mean I was somehow more mature and more apt to deal with whatever was thrown my way. Looking back now, I realize that if anyone would have told me the challenges and joys and sorrows and the hurt and the awesome that I have had to deal with since then, I wouldn't have been so thrilled. Which is why Heavenly Father is wise and doesn't let us see the future like Alice does in Twilight.

So now, as I am approaching this 22nd birthday of mine, I feel just the same. I am finally learning that I am growing older, a little bit wiser, but I am not dramatically different than the year before. Life is just life and it's going to throw major curves and ridiculous trials and it's going to be hard. But, it also is going to be wonderful and amazing and fabulous because I have the best families a girl could ask for. And the most incredible husband that ever walked the planet. And an all knowing Heavenly Father who helps me through all the trials and tribulations that I go through. Thank goodness. So, all in all, life is gonna be alright. No, life is gonna be great!

Wow, that wasn't supposed to be that long. I just got a little carried away. Sorry. So, (Drum roll please. . .) The birthday wishlist you've all been waiting for!

1. Invisibelt. I need one of these baby's cause I hate belts but I need em. They make me look bulky around the middle and I already have a non-existent waist, so it just adds to the wonderfulness. This little invention is the solution to all my problems!

2. Curling irons. I have a 1/4 inch one and it's just too small. I need a 1/2 inch and a 1 1/2 inch for sure. Con-Air's are my favorites. They're like the Dolce & Gabana of curling irons in my book. :)

3. Since working at a bridal and tux shop, I have become very familiar with steamers. And I have decided I definitely need one of those. Oh yes. They're amazing! But, I want one with an iron. That's the only way to go. Trust me.

(This isn't exactly the one I want, but just an example. . . in case you were wondering, Mom. Hint hint.) :)

4. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. Any of you that are Pioneer Woman fans, behold the goodness. I have wanted this cook book ever since I found out she was having one published! She is amazing and I love all her recipes. And I love cooking/baking, so this just makes sense, right? :)

5. And last but certainly not least. Michael Buble's Crazy Love Album, set to release October 9th. I love Michael Buble. He is amazing. His voice is wonderful and I love all his music. I own every album, including his Christmas album. Like I said, love his voice!

So, Dallin, Mom (hint, hint, wink, wink, stomp, stomp) and my dear friends, those are my 22nd berfday wishes.

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ashley said...

Funny, all I ever want for my birthday is world peace, I guess some people are just more considerate than others =) j/k! Love you! BTW this is from Marcus, I don't think my wife would ever say something like that to you;)