October 3, 2009


I've kind of been neglecting this whole blogging thing lately. Sorry. I'm busy and there are just moments when I think, "I would rather read Twilight than blog right now." Which is what I have decided to delve back into. Reading the Twilight series. And I am realizing I am falling just as much in love with the book this time around as I did when I first read it. (Notice: I said in love with the BOOK, not EDWARD. Edward is great and all, but stinkin Robert Pattinson has absolutely ruined my mental image. Ugh.) Anyhow. I am thoroughly enjoying that little outlet right now.

Work is awesome. I have, with the help of others, as well as single-handedly, sold 5 wedding dresses thus far!! I am so excited! More excited for the girls wearing them than the fact that I actually sold them, though that feels awesome as well. There was this one little red-haired gal that came in about a week ago and tried on a dress. . . Oh. My. Heavens. Talk about natural beauty/model status. It was a mermaid shaped dress with a lace overlay. And it just looked AMAZING on her. (When I started typing lace overlay, suddenly the words of Mr. Bennett entered my mind, "No lace! NO lace!" And I smiled) Anyway, the price was the deal breaker. She just couldn't afford it. So I talked to my bosses, we worked the price and bada-bing! She's getting the dress! It was one of those moments where I thought, "I would donate money to the cause just so she could get that dress. Because, let's be honest. It would be a disservice to that dress if anyone with less of a flattering figure wore it." You think I am kidding. No. I am not. So, I love my job :)

(This isn't the gown I sold, just one that I am loving lately from our shop. Venus Bridal rocks my socks lately. So gorgeous.)

I dyed my hair today. Dark. Perhaps too dark. I feel kind of weird. But Dallin loves it. I am waiting to get used to it, but everytime I look in the mirror I jump. Seriously, it's dark. And I am not yet ready to post a picture. I will next week. Maybe. Or I might just wait until I see you in person and then you can see it and jump too 'cause it's just dark. And when I say dark, I mean black. Except it's not technically black. It's the darkest brown I could go. But I didn't know Black was the new Brown? Apparently it is. Who knew? (Obviously not me. . .)

Dallin and I spilled some diet Pepsi on the floor today (I think that was a prompting telling us it's a bad thing to be drinking diet Pepsi while watching general conference. . .)

But Oxi Clean saved the day. I love that stuff. It is my miracle worker. And while I am doing laundry and adding that to my detergent in the washer, I can't help but have Billy Mays voice running through my head, "It'll make your whites whiter, your brights brighter! OXI CLEAN!"

And once again, I smile. I enjoy smiling. But really, folks, if you have not been converted to the wonderful Oxi Clean, get on that band wagon. You'll love yourself for following my advice. I pinky promise.

And last but not least, conference. Did anyone elses heart just soar when they heard President Monson announce the 5 new temples? I will admit, I cried. While smiling like a little kid that just got their favorite piece of gum. I was so happy for all those people. Especially for all those members in Japan. I don't know why, but that just touched me to the core. I much too often take for granted the fact that I have a temple literally up the road from me in this sheltered wonderful place I am calling home right now. I love that temple with all my heart. I literally saw it be built right before my eyes. I was able to go through it last year before it was dedicated (in 6 degree weather with Jen and Cory and Marcus and Ashley no less!)

And I have neglected it lately, I ashamedly admit. But I have made a new resolve to make temple attendance regular again, just like it was last semester. But, back to General Conference. Has anyone noticed a theme? I surely have. And it has hit home. I need to strive to make the spirit more present in my life. I need to center my life around things that will invite the spirit and strengthen my testimony. I love it. I love the gospel. I love all that we are being taught and can't wait to pick apart Dallin's brain when he gets home from Priesthood. (Honestly, they get the best stuff in Priesthood session, I love listening to it later and reading it in the Ensign.) But most of all, to all you readers out there, whoever you may be, whatever religion you may practice, I want you all to know that I know it's true. This gospel is true. And President Monson is a true, living Prophet of God. I know it with all my heart. And I know the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. And that the Bible is true. That Jesus did come to the earth and that He atoned for everything; our weaknesses, our sickness, our sins, our joys, our griefs, our pains, our sorrows. I know that He knows me and loves me. And for all of this, I am truly grateful.

I hope this post finds all of you healthy, happy and enjoying this beautiful, colorful, cold season. :) Lots of love to you all.


Em and Ms said...

I love all your random thoughts! That's so great that you enjoy your job so much. And I definitely felt a little emotional with the new temples announced--it took me back to when the Columbia River Temple was announced. I was in the Stake Center and I will never forget that moment.

Megan said...

me too. I can't wait to see your hair. I've been considering that myself. I loved conference. I love that picture of the temple. Did you take it? congrats on selling the dresses.

Matt and Crystal said...

I swear we're like the same person.
1. I love the twilight series, and I dislike the movies cause Edward is so not what I had pictured in my mind, so that's ruined for me as well.

2. Matt jokes that I want to get married again because I LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding dresses, have you seen Say Yes to the Dress on TLC? watch it, you'll love it since that's what you do :)

3. I colored my hair, but lighter and am still not used to it too, but its growing on me

theres more but this is too long, but you get the point :)

love ya lots!