October 7, 2009

New Church Building

I realize I already did a post today, but Jeff has been asking Dallin for awhile to take some pictures of the new style of Stake Center that is being built around here and he decided to take some pictures today of one that is currently being built. We already have one that is totally devoted to married students here at school. That is where Dallin and I attend church. It has two chapels inside it, one on the north end and one on the south end and a HUGE gym. Apparently it is supposed to be two stories, but Dallin and I haven't had time to investigate whether or not that is true. We obviously don't have any classes on the second story, if there is one. This new stake center that they are building is literally a 1/2 mile from another huge stake center that is behind the Rexburg temple. If any of you are somewhat familiar with Rexburg, then coming up 7th south, you hit this new stake center, then a BYU-I married housing complex, some rugby, soccer and softball fields, another stake center and then the temple. If you blink, you'll miss everything. It literally is all right there. Just more proof that Rexburg (or rather BYU-I) is growing so fast! The stake center we are in now was just completed like a year or 2 ago and already they are adding another one, the same size, that will be totally devoted to married students. Insane, isn't it? I love this place, it's so awesome!


tharker said...

That looks like a very nice building, and you're right, it looks HUGE!

calawayfamily said...

uh WOW!! our building looks like a tiny little thing compared to that

amy said...

ASHLEY!!! I found you. :) You are so adorable and I love your blog! Go you!