September 7, 2010

Day 26: In Limbo

Once again, I apologize for my absence in the blogging world. I am sure you've all been DYING for my next post... Right. :) Anyhow, the last few days have been a little crazy. All day Friday I helped Dallin and Trent on the last fields that needed raking, baling and stacking and then Saturday I packed up and headed to Ellensburg. Dallin followed in the service truck a few hours later. Now we're in Pasco, where we're here to stay for a few weeks. Yes. Another temporary move. I know, we're insane. My life has no definite plans. All I know is I am going to have a kid in roughly 7 1/2 weeks. That is literally the only definite thing in our lives at this point. It makes for a good time, let me tell ya! I mean, really, who wants a predictable life? How boring would that be?? I guess I wouldn't really know, because my life has never been predictable. :) But seriously, this whole "in limbo" thing totally works for us, and we're just happy to be close to family and to have things to keep us busy.

I guess the thing that really has stuck out to me today is I am grateful to be where I am at this point in my life. And I am so grateful for who I am with. My journey wouldn't be nearly so good if it weren't for my wonderful husband standing beside me, supporting me in every way and working so hard. And I am grateful we have this crazy life. As insane as it sometimes gets, what with us running here and there and everywhere, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love who I am and where I am at. And the best thing is, even though we don't know what the future holds for us, we know that where we're going is going to be the best place for us. It will be where we will grow the most and learn the most and be the best we can be. I am grateful for being "in limbo".


Lisa said...

In this day and age I think we often get too stuck in our routines and don't just get out there and live, ya know?

So I say, hooray to living in limbo! :)

Megan said...

Wow. I'm glad you're grateful for limbo! Now I'm wondering where you go to the OB - Pasco? And what city you plan to have this cute baby in?

Dallin and Ashley said...

Trust me, it's taken a while to be grateful for being in limbo. :) My OB is down in Oregon and that's where I am gonna have the baby. I started out at Kadlec Clinic, and honestly, if I would have known we were going to be here so close to the baby being born, I would have just stayed with them, but oh well! :) Life is all about adventure, right?? :)