September 30, 2010


Anyone else think of the Beatles upon reading this blog post title? Oh. Just me? Moving on then. . . :)

I couldn't sleep the other night. Wait. I can't ever sleep anymore. But it was really bad the other night. I laid awake for who knows how long and had a mental breakdown. I freaked out about the labor and delivery. I freaked out about the realization that when I leave the hospital in a month (give or take) I will no longer be pregnant, but I will have a baby that needs me. I freaked out that I am still in Washington and not in Oregon, close to my doctor and the hospital that I am pre-registered with. And the list goes on. It was like the panic attack of the century. Please, oh please, tell me I am not alone in this freak out. I hope every one of you who have had kids had this same freak out with your first. Or at least something similar. Maybe I should just admit myself to the psych ward now.

I woke up the next morning though, and suddenly, I had a dose of perspective and things just didn't seem so daunting. I'm still nervous, to be sure, but I am definitely not in melt-down mode. But then I did start thinking of some things that I really need to get ready in preparation for this little one to come. The first thing that I thought of was "the bag". You know, the bag with all your goodies that you take to the hospital. I have looked online for lists and things and I have gotten suggestions from people over the past few months, but with this ridiculous pregnant brain of mine, I can't remember what you have all said. So, please, give me your advice! What did you have that you were grateful you had with you at the hospital? Or what didn't you have that you wished you had? What the heck should I pack in my hospital bag?! :) Here's a list I got from Enfamil in my inbox the other day. Please, feel free to add to it. I need all the suggestions I can get!

# Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, cosmetics and other toiletries
# Comfortable PJs (bring a couple), slippers and a robe
# Video and still cameras
# Socks
# Pillows
# Playing cards, puzzles, magazines, books
# Laptop and your favorite DVDs
# Hard candies to suck on during labor
# Moisturizer
# Pencil, notepad and a watch for timing contractions
# Phone numbers for family and friends
# Nursing bra, if you plan to breastfeed
# Underwear (several pairs)
# Street clothes
# An outfit for the baby, including socks, onesie, diaper and hat
# Baby blanket
# Infant car seat

I thought this was a pretty good list, but I want your advice too. So hit me with the suggestions!

Oh, and by the way: I'm 36 weeks tomorrow. Holy. Cow.


Drew & Lindsey Christensen said...

You are most definitely not alone. I had the biggest mental breakdown right before Darcy was born. I posted about it on my blog and got soo many awesome words of encouragement that made me feel better. My mom loves to tell me, "You can do hard things!" I lost my ponytail at the hospital and wished so badly that I had it! I really wished I had a blow-dryer too. Maybe other people would think that's silly, but my hair looked like a huge frizzy mess and I wanted pictures with my baby!

You will do so great! I can't wait to see pictures of your little one soon.

Em and Ms said...

Everyone knows regnant women are crazy :) Yes, we all freak out. I wouldn't worry too much about extra clothes and stuff--I usually just stay in the hospital robe (as atractive as that is) because they still need to check you and stuff. Definitely bring your favorite pillow--much more comfortable. Also, don't forget extra batteries for the camera and your cell phone charger. Snacks for the hubs are always nice, and makeup the day after you have a baby makes you feel a ton better. Be sure to ask the hospital for lanolin if you are breastfeeding. Good luck! You'll do great.

Chase and Elise said...

take nail clippers for the baby. Liam had long nails when he was born and i made chase leave to get them. If you end up having to have a c-section (hopefully you wont) make sure you have a couple pairs of "granny panties"... they will be your best friend! I agree with Emily, you dont need a lot of extra clothes since you'll constantly be feeding, so the gown if much more comfortable. So this is really funny, but I wished that I had gotten a pedicure so when I was pushing I could look at my pretty nails :) One more thing, take layettes for the baby. They are the easiest way to change them while they're sleeping!

Try not to stress about "the bag" to much! xoxo

JaNae Fay said...

Yes, we all freak out Ash. And don't worry, it will happen after you take your little one home too! Just read my blog! LOL! :) The good news is things usually work out much better than you ever could have imagined!
You may think I'm crazy when I tell you this, but take your "granny panties!" You know, the underwear you could stretch all the way up past your belly button if you tried? The stuff you wear on laundry day because you have no other options? HA HA! Believe me, they will come in handy! ;)
Good luck! I can't wait to see pics. Try to stay calm, I know its hard. Love you!

ray-ray says said...

Mine was when we were in the hospital parking lot about ready to go inside...and then again taking Corgan out of the hospital away from the safety of all those nurses and doctors and into the lone and dreary wilderness of the world. ;)

Being parents really is the greatest thing in the world and you guys are going to be great at it yourselves. Just relax and enjoy things as they happen, it's easier that way.

And take a TON of pictures. Then you can look back at those and laugh about how little you knew at the time, but how much you've learned as they've gotten older.

Megan said...

even with #3 i had a little freak out about mid oct. (born on the 29th) mostly about labor and such, which i had done twice before--without drugs. still a panic attack. it's the lack of sleep and the hormones, they get you every time!
don't bother with a nursing bra, just don't wear one at all for the first few days--you will be nursing a lot and will probably be sore. do get some lanolin cream (medela makes a good one, at Target)because you will need it.
take one/two girl outfits and boy outfits that's what we did when we didn't know a gender. Clothes for coming home in and your personal supplies.
oh, and make sure those camera batteries are all charged up!

you'll do great and really, once the baby is in your arms, you won't care what you brought with you. (except the camera, you'll take 1000's of pics)
my best advice is to enjoy your "babymoon" the week after when you just lay around and hold that sweetie and nurse and fall in love a million times over...
take care

Heather said...

It's gonna be wonderful, trust me! My big freak out was 7 years ago yesterday the night before I went in to have the Kadester.

Adding to the list: a light weight robe.... only because I live in the hospital gowns BUT if you happen to have sweet YW visit you (like I always did) or even family and want to get up out of bed it's nice to not have to worry about what's hanging out the back.

Love you, can't wait to meet the baby!!

Jennilyn said...

You will do great! I say enjoy your time in the hospital and get all the help from the nurses that you can! I would bring nursing pads, because once you put the lanolin on you don't want it to get on anything else but the nursing pad, and my milk has always came in before I left the hospital. I know that is not true with everyone though. I always wear the hospital gowns too, much more comfortable especially with them checking you all the time. I always wear the hospital mesh underwear too. I know it sounds funny, but ask someone about them. They are amazing and you get them dirty and they are disposable so you won't ruin any of your own, or have to go buy any! Good luck and I can't wait to hear if baby Calaway is a girl or a boy!

John and Karie said...

I agree with Elise. A pedicure is a must...hopefully you have gotten a couple by now anyways cause they feel so good (especailly prego). I took those little baby glove things that they wear so they don't scratch themselves? do you know what i mean? Raegan scratched her self alot and there nails are way too soft at first to clip them. they do sell little nail filers though or nail scissors...thats what i use still!

Can't wait to find out what your having :)

Andrew and Jenna said...

We live about 30 seconds from our hospital, so I wasn't too worried about my bag since I knew Andrew could run home and get whatever I needed. The hospital gives you everything you need for the baby while you're there, and everything you will need for you too. I agree with the mesh panties comment, those were awesome! I sent Andrew home to get my Boppy and it was really nice to have for breast feeding in the hospital. And yes, you will want your own pillow. And maybe one robe. I stayed in the hospital gown the whole time because it's just easier for how often they check you and nursing, but it probably would have been nice to have my own there as well. Also, bring comfortable clothes for you to go home in. And socks. And slippers. Ha... I will let you know if I think of anything else :)

As far as the freak out, yes... totally normal. The unknown is always scary and there really isn't a way to prepare for your life to be forever changed! Giving birth though is the most amazing thing in the world and I seriously can't wait to do it again.

One word of advice... (I think you're planning on getting an epidural, sorry if I'm wrong!) They give you the epidural and that has the original dosage or whatever. Then you have a little button that you can push to give yourself another dose if you ever start feeling pain. PUSH THE BUTTON BEFORE YOU START PUSHING! Haha... I never pushed the button because I thought I would be OK, but unfortunately, the original dosage wore off about 10 minutes before Cash was born. Next time I'll know better!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy do I know what you're talking about! My freak out happened the second my water broke. It was about 800 PM and my dad was asleep, my mom was at work, and my husband was still somewhere in the Middle East. I held out til 4AM crying the whole time, stopping only to have dinner with my mom when she got home from work, then heading straight for my bed bawling my eyes out hoping my husband would call me and give me some words of advice and comfort and praying the contractions would just stop til he made it home. He was able to call and somehow managed to talk me into going to the hospital, telling me that he'd be back in the States as soon as he could and that for the time being I had to do everything I could to make sure our son was born healthy. That's when I packed my baby bag (a couple outfits in different sizes, some of my least favorite undies, sweat pants to wear home and my favorite socks), threw it on my bed (where it stayed until my mom came to visit me), put my laptop, charger and phone charger in my purse and got in the car to drive to the hospital.
The only thing I wish I would have had was a more comfortable top to wear home. I didn't think about the discomfort of having my milk come in and my top fit a little to snugly for my liking. I also hadn't actually put the infant car seat in the car, it was in the trunk in the box still haha so that probably would have been a little bit on the smart side. The gown, as unflattering as it may be, is a lifesaver for all the checking and feeding and checking and feeding that'll be happening. And I have to agree completely, the mesh hospital granny panties are amazing. They can be a little awkward but they're way more comfortable after just having had a baby and if they get dirty (which they will) ya just chuck em in the trash and are done with it.
Try not to stress too much :) Enjoy your last weeks with your belly, feeling the kicks and punches and baby hiccups and have faith in yourself. You'll be amazed at what your body just knows to do.