October 29, 2010

Dear Claire. . .

These past few nights have been, we'll say, interesting. 3 nights ago you decided you wanted to wake up at midnight, 2 am, 4 am, 6 am, and 8 am to have me feed you. Luckily, your dad is a super star and held you off until 11:30 am so that I could get a *few* precious hours of shut eye. Then 2 nights ago, you slept from 2 am until 6:30 am. Mama rejoiced. So did dad. It was a wonderful night. But last night. Oh last night. You just didn't want to go to bed. So you decided essentially pulling an all-nighter was on the agenda. I fell asleep nursing you every time. Once again, your dad is a super star and he held you off with a bottle this morning so that I could get my much needed sleep. If not for him, I would be in a walking zombie state as we speak.

But Claire, I want you to know something else, besides all the craziness of late night feedings and sleepless nights. I want you to know that as I held you before I went to bed last night, I looked at your precious face and felt my heart swell with gratitude that you are ours. Never in my life have I felt this kind of love toward someone. You are special. So special. Your daddy and I feel so lucky and so privileged that Heavenly Father entrusted you to us. We know you're destined to be something great, and the task to teach you everything you need to know is daunting, but we're up for the challenge. You have never been so loved by two people as you are loved by your daddy and I. So although these sleepless nights are tough on mom, she still looks at you with complete love and adoration every time she drags herself out of bed to feed you. Seeing that precious face is all I need to remind me how lucky I am to have you. I love you so much little Claire!



*Notice the white uggs! Thanks Bonnie, we LOVE them! :)*


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

This is such a great post :)

tharker said...

The best thing about that feeling is it never, ever goes away. There are times when I peek in on one of my kids' room while they're reading or working on a project and I feel that same overwhelming love that I felt during those first days when they was so tiny.

And then, you want to know the next secret? With each child that you have, that feeling will only multiply! It's amazing!

I love seeing you as a mama, you are doing a fantastic job!

tharker said...

I so didn't mean to say "when they was so tiny" You know I meant "were so tiny" It's late. I really should go to bed ;)

Kris said...

I havent been on the blog forever!! Congrats she is adorable!!!! enjoy her while shes small they grow so darn fast!! glad shes arrived safe!!!