November 1, 2010

23rd Birthday/Halloween 2010

So, um, we didn't take ANY pictures on my birthday. Woops! Oh well, who needs pictures of their 23rd birthday? Totally an insignificant birthday in my book. :) Pretty much the next big milestone after 21 is 30, so I have 6 more totally insignificant birthdays to celebrate til then. :) It was a fabulous day though. We shopped til we dropped and then we headed north to Portland and had us some DELICIOUS Cheesecake Factory. Can I just profess my love publicly of all things Cheesecake Factory related?? Really, it's amazing. And we had Pumpkin Pecan Cheescake for dessert/my birthday cake. Is your mouth watering? Mine was all Saturday and I just started salivating again. Delicious.

My birthday night was not so pleasant, unfortunately. Little Miss Claire Bear decided she wanted to keep up the festivities of my birthday until the wee hours of the night; 2 am to 5 am, to be exact. Little stinker. Oh well, she has been forgiven and smothered with approximately 1000 more kisses since then, so all is well in the Calaway household.

Yesterday we wanted to take some family pictures since the trees and leaves outside our apartment complex are amazing right now, so Marcus and Ash came over and we took turns taking pictures of each other. They turned out pretty good. I'll give you a sneak peek, but only one, 'cause these are Christmas Card material here. :) After the pictures we carved pumpkins (I know, a little late, but better late than never, right??) Dallin carved ours. He's the artsy one in this relationship, trust me. It turned out AMAZING, if I do say so myself. He didn't carve it all the way out, just carved it so it was thin enough for the light to shine through. Pretty stinkin awesome. My husband rocks, by the way.

Claire gave me a belated birthday gift in the form of sleeping REALLY well last night. Dallin and I prayed REALLY hard last night for a good nights sleep. :) I think that may have had a little (read: EVERYTHING) to do with it.

Now I am impatiently waiting for my birthday package from Mom and Dad to arrive in the mail. I like getting packages. They're fun. :) Hope your Halloween was a safe, candy/fun filled evening! Now it's time for Christmas music!! :) (Please tell me I'm not the only one itching to play Christmas music as soon as November 1st comes around. Dallin has forbidden me to play it though. He claims he can't handle the excitement. Maybe I can get him to let me play it November 15th?? Crossing my fingers.)

The Pumpkin that Dallin so masterfully created! :)

Preview of the Photoshoot :)

The trees outside our apartment

Another shot of the beautiful fall colors.


tharker said...

I love these pictures, Ashley! Your first "family" pictures! And those leaves are amazing.

Happy belated Birthday!

Erin said...

HI Ashley!

My mom or sister or someone led me to your blog :)....first off, CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful baby girl. I feel I may be destined to only have boys as we just had our second boy Aug. 30th. Second, I just HAD to comment on this post and tell you that you are not alone on your love for Christmas music. I got my CDs out (all 10 of them) Nov. 1st and have been dreaming of snow ever since! :) My husband tries to get me to hold off until Thanksgiving, but my love for the Christmas season wins. He hates getting in my car, turning the key, and hearing Celine Dion blaring O Holy Night. :)

Best to you and your adorable little family!
Erin (Merk) Hultgrenn (my blog if you're interested)

Laci said...

Love the family pictures!! You guys look amazing! You don't even look like you were prego -- Amazing!!! :) Hope all is well with you guys! Who took your pictures?

Jeff said...


Happy belated Birthday! Great family photo. I love it! Thanks for your preceeding post regarding your feelings for Claire. Now you and Dallin finally know how your parents feel about you. Just think how he who has mastered perfect love must feel about all of us. Wonderful post.

Love ya,
Grandpa Jeff

JMay said...

WOW! Those pictures are so beautiful!!!