April 8, 2011

I've Got a Fever and the Only Cure is More...


That's right.


I have been bit (that sounds wrong for some reason. Bited? :) Ok, no. But really, I think I am using the correct grammar, it just sounds wrong to me.) by the crafting bug. And it's a subtle little bug. It bites ya and then 4 hours later you are wondering how you managed to whip out so many fantastic things in so little time... gulp. Or not. Ok, I dunno if I spent THAT much time yesterday, but it was probably kinda close. I taught myself how to make those super cute and trendy rosettes and now I am smitten. They might end up all over my house within the next few days. Dallin's gonna kill me. Or the rosettes. Hopefully the rosettes.


My living room is pretty blah. We have a black entertainment center, tan couches, tan recliner, black frames on the wall, black and white picture of the temple... do you see a theme here?? Finally, last summer, I got fed up with my monochromatic world and bought some fun bright red pillows from IKEA (Favorite store) and felt like that could tide me over. Well, the red just hasn't been cutting it for me lately. So I found some super cute fabric at Joann's, bought me some pillow forms and went to work creating some accent pillows for our couches. Yippee! The fabric has these awesome red berries on it that are the same color of red as the IKEA pillows too, which is just wonderful. So, without further ado, here they are, in all their glory.

My sad love seat with only red pillows.

Doesn't it just add that much needed punch of color?? Love it

Here's a close up of the rosettes I made to kinda spice things up a little. :)

These were about the easiest things to make and they turned out so cute. I'm in love! Next up, Claire's laundry basket... It's almost done. Just a few finishing touches. Oh, and I am also going to show you some super cute cake plates I am in the process of making. They are easy peasy and inexpensive. Can't wait!


Jer and Myaela said...

I think the word you were looking for was 'bitten' ;) lol Super cute pillows!

tharker said...

I was also going to suggest bitten ;)

Oh, Ashley I love those pillows! That fabric is super cute and yes, it adds such a great punch of color.

Can't wait to see the rest of your crafy projects!