April 28, 2011


For those of you that live in Pasco and attend my parents ward, or for any of you who saw me, my mom, Tara and Rachel on Sunday at Church, let me just say- No, we did not all plan to wear the exact same shade of green on Easter. Pinky Promise. It just happened that we all came out of our respective dwelling places wearing dresses/skirts that all matched. It's gotta be a sisters/mother thing.

Easter was awesome. The Easter Bunny visited us and gave us all wonderful little gifts in the form of Despicable Me, a new white dress shirt and tie and some dark chocolate for Dallin, some onesies, socks, tights and a new book (You Are Special- best book ever) for Claire and some new white shorts, a pumice stone/special cream for my horribly cracked heels and earrings to match my dress that I wore Sunday. We love that Easter Bunny. Thankfully he didn't bring to us what he brought Nate and Staci- a new babe due in November. We're just not quite ready for another one yet. :)

I made the CUTEST Easter baskets for us this year and of course, took no pictures. They're still at my mom and dad's house too, so I guess I just get to tell ya about em. They were plain wicker baskets that I nabbed from Goodwill for a couple bucks and then I made liners for them out of the cutest John Deere fabric (yellow, green and tan for Dallin and pink and green for Claire and I). I was so happy with the way they turned out. And I didn't have to use Easter grass either! We hate that stuff.

So, here are the pictures from the day. Dallin had changed out of his suit from Church before I was able to catch him. He doesn't normally wear a blue, short sleeved shirt and jeans to church. :)

Ummm... Don't you just wanna eat that little girls cheeks?? We pretty much do everyday. It's awesome. She's been a little grumpy lately since she is cutting teeth (ouch!) and has the runny nose and clingy-ness (yup, just made that word up) that goes along with it. Our best friends are naps and ibuprofen these days. Thank goodness for pain killers! I'll post some more cute pictures that I have taken as of late in another post.

Oh yes, one last thing-

She's 17 lbs 4 oz (80%)
27.5 ins long (92%) riddle me that folks. riddle me that.
42.5 cm head circ (55%)

I was looking at my baby calendar the other day and I didn't hit 15 lbs til I was 9 months. Seriously?? And I was only like 24 or 25 inches too! I was a tiny little thing. Then I was walking at 10.5 months. Can you imagine a roughly 16 to 17 lb baby that was probably only 25 or 26 inches tall walking?? Yeah, neither can I. :) Just some fun stats for the day!

Hope your Easter was filled with thoughts of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, the beautiful gift of the atonement and His resurrection. We're so grateful for His life, example and the ultimate sacrifice in our behalf.


Matt and Crystal said...

Claire is such a doll! Im glad you have a great Easter, and thats too funny about 4 of your girls wearing the same shade of green, i hope you got a picture of that :)

p.s. please be home in July/August. I'll be there and we need to rekindle the love.

Melyssa Quigg said...

Ok, little miss crafty pants!! I have a dresser for Connors room that I need to refinish! We are moving back to TC in June so maybe on one of your many visits you could help me?.... Maybe?.... Cause I'm absolutely hopeless when it comes to this stuff!

tharker said...

Your little family is so adorable, Ashley! Love the family picture.

I do wish I could have seen all of you wearing the same color on Easter. So cute!

Congrats to Nathan and Staci! That is so exciting!!