April 4, 2011

Filling My Cup

This weekend was wonderful. Holy cow. General Conference was different for me this go 'round. I don't really know why. Maybe because I was trying to prepare for it? Maybe because I'm now a mother and I try to glean as much counsel and advice from our General Authorities and Auxiliary leaders as I possibly can so I can improve myself? Perhaps because of all the recent events- Tsunami/earthquakes in Japan, civil unrest in Egypt and Libya, and all other signs of the times. Whatever the reason, at the end of the first session on Sunday, I thought, "What?? There's only one more session left?? I'm not ready for this conference to be over!" It hit me that I am thirsting and hungering for the Gospel. That made me so happy. I have just been craving the peace and joy the Gospel brings into my life. When the second session ended, I felt that my cup had been filled, but I so look forward to when those talks are published in the May Ensign. Thank goodness for General Conference.

While watching the second session of conference, my sister-in-law Ashley and I made some hair things. It was so fun. I love to do it. It is seriously therapeutic for me. This might sound weird, but sometimes I concentrate better when my hands are doing something. I dunno why... probably my being slightly (read: VERY) A.D.D. Here are my creations. Some are for me, some are for Claire. I've contemplated selling them on Etsy, but I dunno if I will. I need opinions. Be honest. Just not too brutal. My confidence is fragile, keep that in mind. :)

I had to show off some of the ribbon I used for the clips too because I thought it was too cute. I love Joann's...

After Conference was over, we went to Marcus and Ashley's and had dinner, which was delicious. Grilled Chicken, Baked Beans and fruit salad, for all interested parties. Then we went to the Capitol Mall to take pictures of the beautiful trees in bloom right now. (I think it's called a mall... you know, the lawn area in front of the Capitol building... not a shopping mall. :)) It was a little chilly, but it was so pretty! Here are some of the pictures we got.

This is my new favorite picture by the way.
(Not a skirt. A Blanket. Just in case you wondered...)

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!

All in all, this was a very fulfilling weekend. I love it when I feel fulfilled. (Say that 5 times fast!) I am so incredibly blessed. Oooh, and I just finished a project for Dallin's birthday and it is on its way here. I'll share it with you once it comes. (He reads the blog. Wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise, now would we?!) And yes, I realize I am a little late on the whole birthday thing. I'll fill ya in on all the details as to why it took so long. Kind of labor intensive, but SOOO worth it. (Especially when I see the look on his face! I'll be sure to record it. We want this in the books. :))

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Matt and Crystal said...

Want me honest opinion on those headbands? LOVE THEM! Seriously Ash, those are some of the cutest I've ever seen...and trust me, they're everywhere in Utah! You and your family are so darling by the way!