September 11, 2012

A Little Bathroom Makeover

When I say makeover, I use the term very loosely. Makeover would imply big changes. What I did was add three frames to a bare wall. I know, I'm daring!

Our poor bathroom has been looking rather sad for the last... well, ever since we moved in, which was almost 2 years ago.

*Insert gasp here*

Our original plan was to either buy an over the toilet organizer or a cupboard to store all of our random bathroom supplies, i.e. toilet paper, hairspray, gel, toothpaste, etc. For almost two years nothing has come of that and we have decided that the limited space we have under the sink is obviously sufficient, as we've been making it work! So, I decided to spruce up that little space with some quotes and a picture. I'm crafty like that.

Here are the before and after shots.

Like I said, not a huge change, but I think it makes the space a little more friendly! Oh, and just ignore all the crud on the counter. I thought I wouldn't catch it in the picture but unfortunately, I did!

Here are the two prints I made up.

I figured since I was putting up something in the bathroom it should talk about being clean, so I googled quotes on being clean and then found a cool scripture to go along with it! I really love how they turned out. They're also great reminders of how we should be acting. Bonus!

I know they are tailored to my bathroom, but if anyone wants to use them for their own home, feel free! Just link back here if you post them on your own website. Also, I ask that you do not sell these, as they are my own work. The prints are 5x7 and if you just right click, you should be able to just download and save!

And here's the picture I used of us from Memorial Day at Lincoln City.

Ain't we cute?!

As for the frames I used, two were from Goodwill, and the one on the top right was from Walmart. (It was only $3, score!) For the two from Goodwill, I used this awesome spray paint and I love how they turned out. They were a little darker than I originally thought they'd be, but I still like them!

This is just one of my MANY projects I have had in my head for the past month or so. I've got so many things I want to do before this little munchkin gets here in January (or more likely, in late December). Some of the projects I have in mind include, but are not limited to, making a headboard for our bed, painting and re-upholstering a little rocking chair for Claire that was my Grandpa Henry's, painting a matching dresser to Claire's for the little man in my tummy, painting the bookcase in our room, and put together a gallery wall in our dining area. Like I said, a lot of projects floating in this head of mine. Plus, I just want to get this apartment organized before baby boy gets here. We're short on storage space and I am determined to find affordable storage solutions so I can feel like this place isn't a disaster area 24/7.

So there you have it! And just because I haven't posted a belly picture on here for awhile, here I am, in all my glory, at 23 weeks.

Have a happy day, friends!

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