August 22, 2012

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I feel bad. I never really update this blog because I find most of the people who read it are also my friends on Facebook and just get their updates on our life there. But, just in case there are some out there who are not on Facebook, or not friends with me through that social media, here is a little update!

I went to my 20 week ultrasound yesterday. Dallin and I will still holding firm to the, "we're not finding out" line of thinking, and actually stayed true to that through the entire ultrasound. I walked out with Claire, loaded her up in the truck and waited for Dallin to get home from class (he left the ultrasound about 20 minutes earlier than we did in order to make it to said class.) When he got home, has asked me if I had found out the gender of the baby after he left. Of course, I hadn't! I stayed strong!

A few minutes later, he says, "I really want to find out with this baby. Wanna call the ultrasound tech?" I laughed out loud, grabbed my phone and was on the line with Salem Clinic before he could change his mind. :) Our tech was busy when we called, but a few minutes later, she told the receptionist to call us back and tell us what we were having. If you couldn't tell by the title of the post, it's a BOY! We are beyond thrilled. I have absolutely NO idea what I am going to do with a boy, since I have been in a world of pink, tutus, dancing, shoes, and general girlishness for the last 22 months. We can't wait to see this little man though. Just from the pictures he already looks so handsome. :)

His stats as of yesterday were-

Weight- 12 oz.
Heart Rate- 144 bpm

Our tech said he looked perfect. We're feeling so blessed that we have another healthy baby that will soon join our family and I am just a little giddy about having a mama's boy. Dallin and I started discussing names yesterday and of course, could not agree, so it's probably a good thing we have another 20 weeks to figure out what to name this kid.

And now, onto the ultrasound pictures!

Left foot

He wanted to let us all know that he's #1! :)

My sweet little man's profile

Right foot!

Sucking on his hand. He kept putting his hand in his mouth or up by his forehead, it was so cute. At one point, he actually yawned and rubbed his eyes! I about died, I was so in love.


Classroom Couture said...

I knew it was a boy! Didn't I say that yesterday!! We are so happy for you all. A healthy baby is what is important. Kisses and hugs to you all.



Jefferson and Karalee said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. One of each, that's perfect!