August 3, 2012

22 Months!

I haven't done a post focusing on Claire for a while now and I figured, if nothing else, for my future reference, I should do that! I am amazed at how quickly I forget things that she's done and she's only been on this earth for a couple months shy of 2 years! So here are some things I want to remember about Claire at this age.

We are entering the terrible twos. It's a sad day in this house. She hates being in a shopping cart and likes to run away from me at any given moment.

She loves to scream! It's usually a happy scream, but nonetheless, it's loud!

That would be her screaming!

She loves to sing. We are really happy about that, because it's much sweeter than the screaming. The first song she ever sang was "I am a Child of God" which melted my heart the first time I heard it and continues to melt my heart anytime I hear it now. Just today she started singing along to the songs on Tangled, which I thought was pretty darn cute (that might be a sign we watch it too much though...)

Her vocabulary is hit and miss. Sometimes she repeats what I say and other times she will say a complete sentence that totally pertains to what we are saying and then she speaks in a language that we have affectionately named, "Claire-abic". It makes no sense whatsoever, but she talks a mile a minute like we should know exactly what she's saying!

She loves the piano. She always climbs up and plays (or pounds) and turns the pages of the Children's Song Book while she does it. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's actually playing a song.

She loves to be outside. I wish we had more of a lawn area where she could run around, but we don't. We do have a park that's like a minute walk from our apartment, so that is nice. She loves to climb on the jungle gym and swing and just run around (and away). She never walks anywhere either, it's always a run. Why walk when running is faster, right??

Claire LOVES animals. Dogs and cats are the favorite right now (probably because they're the only kind we really have in close proximity) and she is finally getting brave enough to pet them. Her petting is hilarious. She holds her hand out with her fingers totally extended so that her hand is rigid and just rubs back and forth a bunch. I wish I could more accurately paint that picture, but that's the best I can do!

Her imagination is expanding. She plays with her toys a lot more, especially her animals (go figure) and tries new things all the time. It's so fun to watch her learn and grow!

She loves to dance. Oh she loves to dance! Anytime there is music, she gets her groove thing on. It's hilarious. She is adding new moves into her repertoire everyday, too. Tonight my brother, Marcus recorded her dancing on his iPhone and we were all dying. She is so funny. She loves to perform in front of a crowd. At least as far as dancing goes. It seems the more people there are to cheer her on, the more into the dancing she gets.

Claire is a girl after her mothers heart. She loves shoes. Her favorites right now are her Jellies, her tennis shoes and her white ballet flat Sunday shoes. Those are really the only ones she wears anyway, because it seems we haven't had a ton of flip flop occasions around here lately. We were in Costco the other day and I saw they had some really cute rain boots in Claire's size and I went to look at them. As soon as she saw them, she wanted her shoes off and those boots on and threw a major fit when we left the store without them. A little birdie told me that Grandma Henry bought some for her today for her birthday, so all will be right in the world in a couple months. :)

She's starting to have an opinion on what she wears. She only likes certain Sunday dresses and sometimes the outfit I put on her for the day will just not do. Luckily, if I put her jellies on, it seems to make up for the, in her eyes, less than satisfactory outfit and we avoid a major meltdown.

She does somersaults when she's mad. :) It's kind of funny, actually. She throws herself on the floor and then sticks her bum in the air and decides to do a somersault. I have no idea why that is the reaction, but it is!

Her "scrunchy mad, but not really mad" face

She is a picky eater. I can hardly get that girl to put anything in her mouth that isn't a chicken nugget! Luckily she loves green smoothies and so I make her one almost everyday to counteract the lack of nutrition everywhere else in her diet.

She loves to give kisses. She puckers up her lips and will kiss just about anyone who will ask for one. :) We might need to curb that pretty soon so that she knows she can't kiss just anyone!

She's very attached to me. I am kind of dreading what life will be like when the new baby gets here, because Claire is quite possessive of me. Hopefully by then she will get super attached to Dallin :) She also has been having a really hard time going to Nursery the last few Sundays, which is a shocker for us, seeing as she practically ran in the first Sunday and never looked back. We're hoping that now we are back in our old building and have a much better time (10:30-1:30, holla!) she'll do better. At least we are crossing our fingers!

So that is what life is like with Claire these days. We love her so much and feel so blessed to have her in our family, even with the temper tantrums :) She really is a sweet girl and loves life, I just have to run to keep up with her! Being her mom is so rewarding, especially when she grabs both my cheeks and plants a huge kiss on my lips and says, "la-loo" (translation: "love you"). I couldn't ask for a better job than this.

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