July 17, 2014

Henry Family Reunion 2014

So, the last time we had a Bill and Carolyn Henry Family Reunion, it was in 2009. In 2009, I had no children and I was very much a newlywed. Dallin was only able to come for less than 24 hours of the reunion, due to it being summertime and having a crazy farm work schedule. Unfortunately, he once again was only able to come for a day and a half of this reunion, but hey! It's better than less than 24 hours, right? :)

We had the reunion at the Oregon Coast again, but didn't stay in the same house. We've grown significantly since then! 7.5 more grandchildren have been added to my parents ever increasing posterity (Marcus and Ash are expecting their first, hence the .5) The house we stayed in this time was awesome. It had 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and we all fit perfectly. It also had an infinity pool with an attached hot tub that was constantly being used by my nieces and nephews and my kids. 

The weather was incredible. We had heat advisory's while we were there! It was 80 degrees and sunny with hardly any wind! Anyone who knows the Oregon Coast, knows that is pretty much unheard of. Everyone got sunburned, despite our liberal sunscreen applications, my poor nephew William getting the worst of it. His shoulders and back had blisters on them, but he was such a trooper about it all! 

Our Little Mermaid :)

Boogie Boarding!

Building a sandcastle

These crazies were out in the water for the majority of the time we were at the beach! The weather was warm, but holy smokes, that water is still COLD!

More boogie boarding! :)

Lucy was totally digging the beach!

Nate brought wetsuits, but Chad just braved the frigid water.

Nate in full wetsuit regalia (including gloves and footies, ha!) He kept us all laughing the entire time!

And even MORE boogie boarding!

Rachel and Chad, Frisbee throwing extraodinaires!

I think Sarah was the one to ride a wave the longest, way to go Sarah!

We also had crafts (no pictures, whoops!)

 We went crabbing

 My mom and dad did a great family home evening lesson on our heritage

Trying to guess who is who in the pictures my mom and dad laid out

 The kids did cupcake wars

I think Andrew just wanted the frosting. ;-)

  We enjoyed Italian Sodas, debuted our awesome VideoStar movies we had made, had an adults only bonfire on the beach

Ok, Lucy got to come too. But she was the only kid!

And ate ridiculously good food the entire time. I think Claire was in heaven the 4 days we were there. And I don't think I took care of my kids the entire time. Yay for family watching each others kids!

19 Grandkids and counting! :)

The WHOLE crew! All 33.5 of us!

Yay for Fun Family Reunions!

The Original 8

The Original 8 + Spouses

Let's not wait 5 year before the next family reunion, k guys?

Declan loves his Aunt Jen. And being swung in the air!

"Chaddy Boy" as Claire calls him. He's the Declan whisperer. :)

And no trip to Lincoln City is complete without a trip to the outlet mall. Tax free shopping? Yes, please! And yes, she's holding the mannequins hand.

I'm thinking the next reunion should be 2016 in Hawaii. Or Disneyland. Any takers? :)

For more pictures (because, you know, there aren't very many in this post, ha!) Check out my sisters blog! You should probably just read it anyway, 'cause it's awesome.


Chase and Elise said...

I'll go to Hawaii with you guys too! :) I'm practically family right?!

Crystal Averett said...

This Henry clan is getting so big! I probably could only name Rachel and Chady Boys kids. And yes, I'm calling him that from now on :)

P.s. I'll go to Hawaii too... Thanks for asking ;)

JenFielding said...

Somehow I missed the last part with my link and I've been wondering all week how my numbers on the family reunion post got so high. Thanks for the shout out! :)