July 24, 2014

Finding My Inner Beauty

My 8th Grade School Picture. Yikes! ;-)

8th grade was a rough year for me. I had braces, bushy eyebrows, and well, my friends had all started getting their curves and I was about as straight up and down as they come. I felt like the ugly duckling surrounded by swans.  I remember on more than one occasion telling my mom that I didn't feel pretty at all.

One day though, I heard something that gave me hope! In church one Sunday, we had a guest come in to the young women and give a lesson. At one point she talked about inner beauty and how if we would read our scriptures, say our prayers, treat others with kindness, etc. then we could develop a beautiful spirit and that inner beauty would enhance our outer beauty. Unfortunately, what I heard was something like this though, "if you make good choices, you'll end up being transformed into a super model!"

I was SO on board. I was already a pretty nice person, I read my scriptures once in awhile and I joined my family for family prayers, so I was well on my way, right??

So there I was, short haircut, bushy eyebrows, braces and no curves, bound and determined to become a knockout by being good. As most of you reading this can guess, I would end up being slightly disappointed at the end of this little experiment of mine. I didn't become a knockout beauty by being nice, but what I did learn a couple years down the road was this: inner beauty truly does shine through and make you a beautiful person, but not in the way the world defines beauty. It's a wholesome beauty, and for those who are like-minded, a sought after beauty. Having the spirit in your life gives you this beautiful glow that people notice. And being happy, good and kind are the most important things we can be in this life. Audrey Hepburn hit the nail on the head when she said, "happy girls are the prettiest girls". 

As I've grown older, my eyebrows have been plucked, those curves finally came {although they're still a little small. We can't win em all, can we?} I feel pretty and a lot of times I feel beautiful! But now, more than ever, I am less concerned with my outer appearance and more concerned with how my inside looks. I want to be known for my love of fellowman, my love of the scriptures, being the best mother and the best wife I can be. I don't much care if I am known for a rockin' body or gorgeous glossy hair or eyelashes that go on for days. If I'm doing ok in the eyes of my Savior and I am helping to show His love to my fellowman, then that's what matters to me.

So, here's to all of us finding our inner beauty. And letting it shine through our beautiful faces. 


chenry said...

Love this post Ash! You are wise and beautiful!

Crystal Averett said...

Ive always thought you were beautiful. Bushy eyebrows and all. Love you friend!