January 5, 2011

Lesson's I Learned While Snowmobiling

  • I now understand the thrill of conquering a hill. You only understand it once you've done it. I get that now. :)
  • Snowmobiling is a good way to see how strong your marriage is. In case you were wondering, ours is good. :)
  • You're not as wimpy as you make yourself out to be. You're pretty courageous when it comes down to it. So step out of your comfort zone more often.
  • You know that moment when you are convinced you cannot go any farther because you feel you're just not strong enough? Somewhere, there is a reserve of strength that you didn't know you had, and suddenly you can do more than you ever thought you could. So, go ahead, try to go a little further next time you think you can't.
  • When you get stuck, no one knows where you are, your cell phone battery is about to die, the sun is setting and you're praying your guts out that someone will find you, Heavenly Father answers your prayers in the way you NEED, not the way you WANT. He'll make sure you're warm and that you stay calm, and then He'll send your rescuers in the form of 4 sweet teenage boys.

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Jefferson and Karalee said...

Hmm that last lesson learned sounds a little too familiar!