January 28, 2011

"Now Make Them Drink The Milk"

Dallin and I watched, "Despicable Me" the other night and I think it might be a new favorite around these parts. Favorite quotes are, "Knocked over!", "Now make them drink the milk", "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!", and "Thees ees garbage! You actually like thees??" Dallin and I couldn't stop laughing. I highly recommend it. And it's Family Friendly so the whole crew can watch it!

Here are some new pictures of Claire. The Grandma's were requesting. She's gotten a LOT more responsive lately and is starting to get control of her movements too. She's been playing with her little gym lately that has toys hanging down and she can now make herself hit the toys. It's so cute to watch her little face scrunch up in concentration as she tries to hit the toys. And then when she does hit a toy, her little legs and arms start pumpin and movin. I love watching her. So, without further ado, here are some recent pictures, in no particular order.

Here's my cheeser! She was enjoying her bumbo.

Fell asleep in daddy's arms. Not uncommon. :)

In her bumbo, being very serious. She get's that way sometimes. :)

Playing her little piano. We're starting her young. Very young. :) With those fingers though, who can blame us?!

Right before I gave her a bath one night. She would get that big open mouthed grin on her face until I would pull the camera up to my face to snap the picture and then she would immediately get serious again. Darn her! :)

Eating a bottle one night and telling everyone that she's number one. :)

Once again, every time I put the camera to my face, she would get serious, but I was fast on this one and caught the smile. So happy! She LOVES her baths, by the way.

Yeah, LOVES her baths. Can't ya tell?

I thought this series of pictures were too good not to post. These were taken just seconds apart. She pulls some awesome faces

So, that's our little girl! We're having so much fun with her and loving all these new changes taking place. She hits 4 months on the 9th of February and has her 4 month well check on the 16th, so I will let you all know her stats. We measured her the other day and she was 24.5 ins. Granted, she was wiggly and the tape measure kept slipping, but I think that's how long she is now. :) She is in 3-6 months clothes and fills them out pretty much length wise, but not so much width wise. We have a long skinny girl on our hands!


Matt and Crystal said...

She is so cute Ash. I can't wait to meet her!

Andrew and Jenna said...

Ditto to Crystal's comment! What a cutie!

tharker said...

She is just too cute, Ashley! I am loving all of the expression you caught!!

4 months already? Wow. She's growing so quickly.

I love those big open mouthed smiles...so irresistable!

Lisa said...

She's a beauty (like her mother!)