January 17, 2011

Right Now. . .

Right now- My fantastically smart little babe is playing with her gym and is giving me the BEST reactions. Smiles, yelling, pumping her arms and legs in excitement. I. Love. It.

It's partially sunny outside. HALLELUJAH!

My house is a DISASTER. And I'm kind of ok with it. Don't worry, it will all be clean by the time Dallin comes home. That and a bunch of Laundry.

I have a dresser that needs to be painted. And I am super excited about painting it!! I'll show you all the before and afters. It's for Claire's room. All her clothes are currently in piles on the floor. Yeah. I know. Bad Mom.

The wee one and I both have these awesome colds that make my head feel like it is going to implode at any moment. Thank you Advil Cold and Sinus!

There is a grocery list sitting in front of me just begging to be bought. Plus it's an excuse to get out in that sunshine!

I am so grateful for this simple life I lead. I am constantly in awe of all the blessings and tender mercies I receive on a daily basis. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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Chase and Elise said...

I had liams clothes on the ground until he could get around! im a bad mom too i guess, but it was so much easier to just grab a new onesie from the pile when i was changing a blow out! And i think you need to move up here so claire and liam can have play dates!