February 21, 2011

150 and The Lower Lights

This is my 150th post. Sheesh. That's a lot of posts. I like to keep it real though and put things in to perspective. I was reading the PRP's blog the other day and she had her 900th post. So, pretty much, I'm a small fry. I got nothin on you, Karen! :)

For my 150th post, I want to tell you all about an amazing concert that is going to be happening in the Tri-Cities. Well, Burbank technically, but close enough. My awesome cousin, Marilyn, got The Lower Lights to come to the Tri-Cities! They are a very talented group of musicians who have done covers of various hymns, such as The Lord Is My Shepherd, This Little Light of Mine and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. They are beautiful arrangements and I love them all. Tickets are VERY reasonably priced, but you need to act fast! They'll go quick and the concert is right around the corner! March 5, to be exact. So, go here to buy your tickets and check out The Lower Lights here. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Oh, and if you want a chance to get 2 {two} free tickets of your own, enter the Passionista's (AKA Marilyn) giveaway here and help her spread the word! But be quick about it! This giveaway ends tomorrow {Tuesday} night!

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ray-ray says said...

LOVE their music! We downloaded their album when it was first released...too bad I'll be in the hospital on the 5th or else we would most definitely be there.