February 18, 2011

For My Little Hannah Banana

My niece Hannah turned 11 today. I can still remember the day she was born and I can't believe that in one year she will be in Young Womens! She's growing up WAY too fast. So, here are 11 reasons why we love our Hannah!

1. She's an amazing soccer player. That girl is seriously talented and super fast!
2. She keeps the Sabbath day holy. She has had to make the decision of whether or not to play in her soccer games on Sunday and has always chosen not to. We're so proud of her choices.
3. She is an excellent Piano player.
4. She is a very willing participant for all my photo taking expeditions. :)
5. Claire loves Hannah because she loves to hold her and entertain her.
6. She is the sweetest little thing you will ever meet.
7. She is super smart. I remember when she was in Kindergarten she was spelling words that I am pretty sure I couldn't spell til I was like 19. :) Ok, not 19, but close enough. Either way, super smart!
8. She is an awesome singer. She's got a beautiful voice.
9. She is a super awesome swimmer. And she is extremely lucky because she gets really tan in the summer (I may or may not be a teensy bit jealous. :) )
10. She laughs and giggles all the time. I rarely see Hannah sad or mad. She's very positive!
11. She's an excellent friend and an awesome sister and an even better niece!

I hope you had the best Minute to Win it 11th Birthday Party ever! We love you! (And your present will be in the mail tomorrow! Hopefully you get it on Tuesday!)

These are some pictures I took of Hannah, Rebekah and Julia last weekend at Andrew's Baby Blessing.

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