February 16, 2011


Claire had her 4 month appointment today. She had to get three vaccinations today too, 1 oral, 2 shots. I hate vaccinations. It breaks my heart when the shock and hurt crosses her face and she starts screaming. Seriously, how can you not start crying when your baby is hurting?! I am pretty sure it's torture. In fact, I know why they torture family members on "24" to get people to crack. I'd be the worst CTU agent in the history of "24". But I digress.

My little (or should I say HUGE) girl scored in the 92nd, 80th and 60th percentile for height, weight and head circ, respectively. She's 25 1/4 inches (92%), 14 lbs 8 oz (80%), and has a 41 cm head circ (60%).

So, in honor of her 4 month appointment, I have decided to FINALLY post some videos of her. Now, I understand these videos are so wonderful and intriguing to Dallin and I, but they might get a little long and boring for you. So, just bear with us ridiculously proud parents.

So there you have it. Our little girl. Just excuse my ridiculous commentary and voice. Do I really sound that annoying in real life?! If so, I sincerely apologize.


Drew & Lindsey Christensen said...

I watched the videos with Darcy and she laughed all the way through the bath video. Claire is such a sweetie!

tharker said...

She's just getting way too big, Ashley! I love those sweet gurgly baby laughs. (not to mention the red skin ;)

And no, your voice is not annoying!

Lfoxy said...

i loved her drinking that apple juice! i just wanted to hold her! i love babies when they drink bottles/nurse. they just look so sweet. on that last video of dallin 'biting' claire's neck and legs, ruby goes, "she don't like her dad!" ruby is always advocating for the little girls. :)

Matt and Crystal said...

she is so darling! And yes, I watched every video :)