September 14, 2009

Great News!

Two items of great news that I just have to share with you. One, I have Dallin's first day of school picture. Aren't you all so excited?! :) I know I am. So without further delay, here he is, my handsome hubby all dressed and ready for his first day of school. (Insert awws and sighs here).

So, funny thing about this photo. I think I first promised a picture of him on Wednesday, cause that's when I thought school started. But it actually started Thursday. So then I found that out and he didn't have any classes on Tuesday/Thursday, so I promised a picture of him Friday. Well, then he added a few classes to Tuesday/Thursday, so I actually took this picture Thursday. Yup, only those of you who are detail oriented (like myself and my sister Tara) would have noticed that. Everyone else probably thinks, wow Ash, you might be OCD er somethin'. . . And I reply, shaking my head in shame, I know, I know.

Onto item of business number 2! There is this great blog that I LOVE called Or So She Says. You may have seen their button on my sidebar. Anywho, they're awesome, I love them a lot, and they are having a fantabulous giveaway and you should totally visit them here and enter yourself in, 'cause the prizes are 100% AWESOME. So, hop your little buns over to that site and have fun!

Oh, P.S. another great blog, if you're looking for some great laughs and just all around awesomeness is this great blog. Holy smokes, everyday is an adventure with Ree and Marlboro Man. You will enjoy it. I promise. And she has awesome giveaways too. Like KitchenAids, and Lucchese Boots and $500 giftcards to and lots of other really expensive fun things. :) So, go and enjoy her story!

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Matt and Crystal said...

I LOVE the pioneer woman! You have to try her raspberry cobbler and tell me what you think! Its just heaven in a pan for me, and probably the EASIEST recipe ever! Its fantabulous :) Miss you, love you!