September 15, 2009

Workin' Woman

Printer Paper- $2.83

Ink Cartridges- $21.46

Gas used on handing out 40+ resumes- $40.00

Finally getting a job after 2 weeks of job hunting- Priceless.

Circle of Love Formal Wear
, here I come!!


PRP said...

Congrats! You'll be great at that!

Em and Ms said...

Congrats on the job! I'm sure it's a relief to find something. Sounds kind of fun!

Heather said...

Have fun, it sounds like it's right up your alley.

Chase and Elise said...

That would be so fun getting to dress people in wedding stuff all day :) Good luck!

tharker said...

Sounds like a very fun job! Congrats on ending your search!!

Lisa said...