July 28, 2010

Day 4: Family

Marcus and Ashley's Wedding 2007

Today, I got a phone call from my mom. My car has been in the shop getting the A/C fixed, along with other various problems (hate car problems by the way) and it is now finished. She called to see when I wanted her to pick it up for me, being that I am out of town. That simple act reminded me of what an awesome family I have. They are so willing to do things for me whenever I ask (or don't ask). Another example: I sent a rent check to Dallin and my apartment complex at the beginning of this month and somehow, it got lost in the mail. Well, we weren't aware of this until the apartment complex called us and said that our 72 hour eviction notice was being issued because of a lack of rent. (They don't mess around, huh? :)) We were in priest lake at the time, with no real way to get a check to them in the amount of time they needed, so I called Marcus and Ash, who live in Salem, and they immediately went to the rental office and paid our rent for us. Kind of a big deal. And these two instances are just two of the MANY acts of service my family renders to me. I feel so incredibly lucky to have a wonderful family and wonderful in-laws who are constantly serving me in so many different ways. Thank you to all my family members, I love you all!!

Priest Lake 2010

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