July 17, 2010

I Bleed Blue

Have you ever met those super hardcore sports fans? You know, the ones who will love and support their "chosen team" no matter how horrible or amazing the season may be? I'm not one of those people. I'll admit, I have teams I favor, like Gonzaga for basketball and BYU for football, but all in all, win or lose, I'll still be Ashley at the end of the day. My year won't be ruined if the Zags didn't make it to the Elite 8 when the NCAA tournament rolled around, or if the Cougs weren't named the Mountain West Conference Champions. All that being said, I'll still tell anyone that I Bleed Blue and I love my BYU cougars. :)

So why, you ask, am I talking about the sports teams I enjoy watching? Because of this- a few months back, my mom decorated my nieces Julia and Giorgia's room for them. Apparently, their older brother, Jackson, felt like their room was so well decorated, it "look[ed] like a hotel room". Who knew a sports obsessed 10-year old kid could care about whether a room was decorated or not, but he did. And of course, my mom loves a decorating challenge, so she decided to decorate Jackson's room in BYU themed everything. Jackson REALLY bleeds blue. He LOVES his Cougars and would be happy to wear all things BYU all the time, I am sure. So, to go along with this newly decorated BYU themed room, my mom thought it would be fun for both the boys, Jackson and Harrison, to have pictures of themselves in their BYU attire hanging above their beds. Me being the picture taking enthusiast that I am, offered to take their pictures for them and here's how they turned out. I hope you will enjoy them. :)

Oh, and we have a new picture at the top of our blog from Priest Lake this year. One of the few pictures I was actually in. :)


Em and Ms said...

Great job with the pictures! Now I want to see what these rooms look like.

Lfoxy said...

you look so cute ash in your blog picture. i am sorry i didn't come to pasco this weekend. i was going to go to bryce and andrea's wedding cuz i knew you would be there but i didn't make it. hope to see you soon though!!!

Lisa said...

The pictures are fabulous! (please tell me we get to see pictures of the room, too!)