March 24, 2009

Any Jacob Fan's In The House??

So. . . I finally watched Twilight. And I will tell you right now, I didn't love it. In fact, I really didn't even like it that much.

Bad acting.

I will admit, they cast Charlie perfectly. And Carlisle and Esme and Alice and Emmett and even Jessica. But everyone else? Kinda suffered. Jasper looked like a deer in the headlights the entire movie and Edward. . . oh Edward. I wonder if Stephanie cringed as she watched him? I did. Oh, and I liked Billy and Jacob too. But seriously folks? Did you feel like the whole movie was just totally disjointed? (Kind of like this post?) It was like they knew everyone had read the book already, so they could make it as choppy as possible and no one would care because their beloved Edward was on the screen. But really, Rob isn't so much a favorite of mine. When I thought of Edward, I thought of a perfectly sculpted body (hello, that's how he was described!) with an overwhelmingly beautiful face. Rob's face looked pained almost the entire movie. I never felt the strong connection that was supposed to be between him and Bella. It wasn't there for me at all. Oh, and Bella-- her voice was just a little too deep, her mannerisms were just weird and not natural and I just felt like they totally killed the book. It made me sad. Really Sad!

One more thing that totally bugged me? The Cullen's house! WAYYY too modern. I dunno, but the "big white house" that Stephanie always described just made me think of like an old victorian home on the outside, totally classic with beautiful woodwork inside. I mean, obviously they had modern things in there too, right? But totally modern with all the angles just wasn't working for me. Anyway, sorry for those of you who actually could stomach the movie, I just wasnt a fan. I don't think I will be going to see anymore of those films in the future. I much prefer the little movie I have in my head with my Edward and my Bella and my Jacob and my Reneesme, etc. (Disclaimer: I didn't hate it as much the second time I watched it. It was actually kind of enjoyable the second go-round)

So anyway, the title of my post- Are there any Jacob fans out there? Or should I just say, are there any Taylor Lautner fans out there? He's a cute kid. Love the smile. Well, I found him. He's actually attending BYU-Idaho under the fake name of "Shane Welch". :) Ok, that's a total lie. But, our good friend Shane really does look like he could be Taylor Lautner's Twin. Need some proof? Here it is!

Our Beloved Taylor!

Our Beloved Shaner!

I told you! They could be twins! Or at least brothers. And all you young single ladies-- he's single and available. :)


Chase and Elise said...

I totally agree with you! I hated twilight too! It was so not what I was expecting. I think there was too much hype about it and it just didn't meet my expectations! I heard that Dakota Fanning is supposed to be in the next movie... so hopefully they'll get actors that can actually act :) haha, sorry twilight movie lovers!

Andrew and Jenna said...

Ditto to your entire post! I watched it for the second time the other night and barely liked it more than the first time. What a let down! And yes, the movie in my head is much better. I'm reading New Moon for the second time right now and just trying to imagine how bad they are going to butcher it as well!

Jer and Myaela said...

hehe, I know exactly what you mean about Twilight. I really wasn't all that excited about the movie because I'm totally a purist when it comes to making movies of books I've read (i.e. I was so mad at all the stuff they did wrong in the 4th Harry Potter movie--which was my favorite of the books--that I haven't seen the 5th movie yet) But Jeremy wanted to go see Twilight, so we went. I was a little disappointed with how Rob portrayed Edward. I thought he would have been good, but Edward is always described as being graceful, and Rob just seemed...awkward. There's no other way to put it. It was almost painful to watch his interaction with Bella because it looked so awkward and forced. =( And I wasn't thrilled with anyone they cast (although I have to disagree with you; I did kinda like Rob as Edward) I thought Tom Welling would have made a better Emmett. And I thought that Kristen kinda overdid the Bella stuff. She just seemed...kinda like a bumbling idiot, to tell you the truth. And she (to me) seemed really dependent.... It made me sad. I really didn't like it (but don't tell Jeremy... I'm trying not to be too much of a killjoy about it for him...he's been really sweet about it) Oh, and BTW, ditto about the Cullen's house. That's exactly how I pictured it. Oh! And they totally cut Alice's character WAY out of the movie...and she is my favorite character! I just felt like at the end of the movie we didn't know her AT ALL! =( Sad. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. My sisters-in-law went to see it like the day it came out and they were raving about how good it was and everything (and apparently the first time Rob came on screen, all the girls started screaming...*shudders* I'm glad I wasn't there) and I've just been kinda like " was okay" whenever they asked how I liked it because I know that they'd totally try and convince me that it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. *sigh*

Jer and Myaela said...

haha...and I just realized that I wrote you a book about it. Sorry!

ashley said...

Hey Ash! I've been waiting for this post, I'm glad you've FINALLY seen the movie now! A lot of your thoughts were the same ones I had when I first saw it, so I thought I'd share :)

(Some taken from my blog) I loved the movie. Okay, truthfully I didn't "love" it the first time I saw it, but the second time was so much better. I went in expecting it wasn't going to be as good as the book, The first time I saw it, I kept comparing the movie to the book and when the movie ended, I sat in shock that it was over. I couldn't believe it! I'm not going to go into detail, but you know all of us Twilight-obsessive fans were all thinking the same things: Emotionless Bella, Jasper looked pained, Rob had few facial expressions, and the glittering skin looked like sweat oh, and those special effects? Don't get me started! etc, etc.

BUT I agree with you Ash, seeing it for the second time made it better. I knew what to expect and could sit back and actually enjoy it. My favorite thing that saved this movie was the Cullens and nonvampires. I love who they casted, and can't wait for movie 3 when we really get to know them better. I definitely think Edward comes off awkward at times (ex; his first line, and when he's throwing around tree roots) but overall, I think Edward was perfect (at least on the eyes!) So after watching it a few billion times now, I really love the movie, and the music. Oh, and that scene where they get out of the car at it! I'm just hoping movie 2 is filmed and done a little better with all those extra millions they raked in!

Heather said...

Not a fan. Just, not a fan.

Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

I am the one Mormon girl (I Think) who has never read the TWilight books or seen the movie, but this post made me laugh cuz one of my best buds out here HATED the movie when she went and saw it and when other people were like ,'oh it was so good' or 'wasn't that actor great' she'd be like, "No, I hated it, I thought it was terrible". I love people that are 'for real' and will tell you the honest truth and what they REALLY think. One more reason to love ya Ash--thanks for telling it like it is.

Megan said...

I am just hoping that since the movie did so well despite being not up to the books standard (left out too many details and horrible acting/effects) that they'll make up for it on the next one.

And I really was so sad about the big white house too. That ruined the picture in my head!!

tharker said...

I could have written this ENTIRE post. Seriously did not like the movie.

Wow, that boy does look a lot like movie Jacob. Throw him in the spray tanning booth, and there you have it, TWINS!