March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Hillary!!

Today is the birthday of my amazing sister-in-law, Hillary. I don't think there are enough good things I can say about her, but I will try and list just a few. :)

1. She is incredibly gorgeous. If you've seen her, you know it's so true!
2. She is so dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to. Example? She has never missed more than 4 days in a row exercising, even when she had Colton! Amazing? I would say YES! :)
3. She is sooo talented. Everytime I hear her play the piano, I regret not sticking with piano lessons when I was younger. She's just awesome.
4. She is an amazing mother. I see her with Colton, and I see all the love she has for him, and I am so impressed.
5. She is so patient and loving. We've been in multiple situations where she could have run her mouth off about someone, but she didn't. What a great example!
6. She keeps up with all the boys. :) Seriously! This summer at Priest Lake, she was one tough cookie on those tubes. And this winter, snowmobiling? She was such a studdette. :) She definitely holds her own.
7. She's so fun to talk to. We have had some awesome conversations and I can't wait to have more with her, because everytime we talk, I have so much fun (hopefully she has fun sometimes too :))
8. She's so genuinely good. Over Christmas break, I seemed to always stumble upon her while she was reading her scriptures or the Ensign, or when she and Blaine were saying their morning prayers.
9. She motivates me to be a better person just by her example.
10. She's my only sister-in-law in the Calaway family (that's near my age. Don't worry, I'm not forgetting Janelle :)) And I am so grateful for everything she does. She is selfless, humble, fun, beautiful (inside and out) and is an amazing friend and sister. I hope this day is super special and I hope that Blaine and Colton treat you super special!! We love you Hill!!


Blaine, Hillary & Colton said...

Wow Ashley--all I can say is you really are as good as you seem and that doesn't hold true for most of us. Dallin is the lucky one here--you can already see the good influence and positive light you are for him. Thanks for the thoughtful comments and remembering my birthday. You made my day!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Seriously. She is all that. I adore Hillary. She has the most amazing brain and heart. When she would make comments in the ward, my mouth would be opened. She is so smart. I miss her. She brought so much to our ward. Boo Hoo.

Happy Birthday Hillary. I bet that Colton is huge by now. I loved holding him.