March 25, 2009

Holy Hail!!

Saturday's weather: Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, 70 degrees. B-E-A-UTIFUL! You couldn't find a patch of grass in any of the parks because so many people were out basking in the amazing weather.

Sunday's Weather: Snow. Yup. You read right. Snow. And lightning and thunder too. Interesting to say the least.

Monday's Weather: More snow. It never sticks. But still. It's snowing. IN MARCH. *sigh*

Tuesday's Weather: Oh hey! Even more snow.

Today's Weather: HAIL. So much hail! It goes crazy and then subsides and then there are hail balls the size of Sixlets! (Now you're craving Sixlet's, eh?? Good stuff those Sixlets.) And then it subsides again.

When I first looked out my window, it looked like this. . .
. . . And our porch looked like this. . .
And then it started going CRAZY again! Weirdo weather.

Yup. Caught some video footage. Just ignore my dumb commentary :)

Stupid Rexburg weather cannot make up its mind. Ever. 2 summers ago, right before I left to go home for Marcus and Ashley's wedding, it snowed. Snowed in June. June 1st to be exact. By noon there were no traces, but still!! JUNE! I am so glad we are outta this place in a little over two weeks. Pasco, here we come!!

View of Tri-Cities from Badger Mountain

Sunset over Rattlesnake Mountain


Em and Ms said...

Gotta love crazy, quick-changing weather. Those last 2 pictures of TC are so beautiful! You're making me miss home. Are you guys going back to stay or just for the summer?

Dallin & Ashley said...

Just for the summer, unfortunately. But, Dallin will be done with school come December, so hopefully Pasco will then become our permanent residence!

Chase and Elise said...

your coming home?? Yay! where are you guys going to be living at?

tharker said...

Did you say that you will be here permanantly after December???? Can I just give a big WOOO-HOOO?!!! (or is it too early to celebrate?) :)

Heather said...

It's gonna be good to have you back!